Ronit Ziv Ensemble (Ramat Gan, Israel): FRENCH FOR BEGINNERS

  • watch: 24th October 2020 at 3pm UTC
  • duration: 8min

French for Beginners is a homage to my French Professor Solange, whom I admired for her unique approach and her hilarious images. In my work I enjoy, talking to my audience, and in this performance, I approach them and treat them with a glass of red wine. Talking and dancing is not a great issue anymore but still I find it interesting to mix those two languages, modern dance and talking at the same time, find interesting multiple versus of how talking and dancing can meet on stage. French isn`t my mother tongue, it`s a way to escape from my own reality and live in my own fantasy which help to avoid pain and disappointments such as a romantic heart break.

BIO: Ronit Ziv, one of Israel’s most active choreographers, has performed and has been creating work for dance and theater companies in Israel, Europe and the former FSU since 1999. An experienced teacher, she taught the Batsheva Ensemble for three years and currently teaches at Bikkurei Itim in Tel Aviv, the current hotbed for contemporary dance attracting students from around the world. Evolving in the field of dance since the 1990\’s, Ronit discovered the Release Technique – a kinesthetic approach to movement and improvisation – causing shifts in her choreographic style. She devotes herself to the exploration of movement and its sources, seeking authenticity of the gesture. Her significantly radical approach is based on the relations of text and choreography, imagining the everyday practice, with the analyses of gesture in the context of a living environment Ronit became an established choreographer with her prize-winning work, Rose Can’t Wait (1999 Shades in Dance 1st place and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance Choreography Competition Award) Ronit has since appeared at the Pina Bausch Festival and worked. Ziv has been working as an independent choreographer and created for numerous companies, including, Batsheva Ensemble CNDC l`esquisse, Galili Dance Company and Campania Instavel ARTIST’S WEBSITE