Saeid Arghavani (Tabriz, Iran): Life in Death

  • New Time: 2nd April 2020 at 12am
  • Postponed- 31st March 2020 at 2pm UTC
  • duration: 60 min

Performance takes place in a deserted village, which is being demolished. There is a large plastic barrel between the demolished houses where the naked performer is in poor condition with a mask on his face; the barrel has no way out except a few holes that were created to move the air. Two cameras, one mounted inside the barrel and the other observing the outer space at a distance from the barrel. After a while, the performer starts to move inside the barrel as if he wants to release himself; the barrel shakes, falls, rotates, and so on. The performer has a very limited space and this time he is trying to enlarge the small holes and find a way to get his hands and feet out. Then after he could get his hands and feet out of the barrel, start moving, however, the performer has no outward view and he moves without fear. He is like a mutated creature moving through space with the probability of any occurrence.

BIO: Director and actor of theater/Performance Artist