Siger and sisti duet (Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania): Rise and Fall

  • 26 Sept 2021 3pm UTC
  • dur 22min

This performance is just about life and how our lives are.Sometimes we *FALL* and we need support from others to *RISE* again.It doesn\’t matter if your rich or poor everyone needs help from each other to stay on his or her dream

BIO: Our name is Siger and sisti We are born in dar es salaam Tanzania we start dance in the same school since 2016_2019 graduate for diploma at Muda Africa school of contemporary dar es salaam Tanzania. We had skils of performing in a lots of festival around here.From that day we graduate everyone start to struggle for finding were we can fit but we didn\’t fit to any kind of group because of our dreams is defferent for them.We e meet again in 2021 and share idea and it was similar then we start our duet.our dream is to present our afican contemporary all over the world and massages from our people.