Sonic Alliances (Naples, Italy): Mystic Love

  • 19 Dec 2021 5pm UTC
  • dur 6min

A “coffee break” with friends and collaborators in the courtyard of a historic 18th century building. This performance is part of a constant search on the possibilities still opened by analogue music that continues to solicit and recall atmospheres and emotions that are always new and prelude to incredible timbre and dynamic combinations.

BIO: Sonic Alliance is an Italian anthropo-alchemic group formed by various artists who use both analog and digital, electronic and electroacoustic media. This strange transmutability of the elements is the result of a continuous research on the languages and the incredible world of the sounds that surround them. Acoustic sparks and sound microclimates with and through which structures and new ways of creation are experienced with the natural goal of harmonizing the relationship between man, media and technology. For a long time, their kermesses rest on the constant attention to the infinite possibilities of combination and manipulation of the codes, using the distinctive and transversal elements that compose them and through the dynamic and creative potential connected to the production or implementation of an event. ARTIST’S WEBSITE