Taneli Törmä – LOCATION X (Copenhagen, Denmark): DISTORTION

  • watch: 1st April 2020 at 8pm UTC
  • duration: 32 min

DISTORTION Distortion explores Taneli Törmä’s background as a go-go-dancer. Accompanied with a 2 m x 2 m podium and a sound system he attempts to make the audience dance, but also stages himself as an object that has no real power over the audience reactions.Being past 30 years old his go-go dancing is not what it used to be. However, the situation provides him a possibility to investigate the line between being an object and the subjective freedom – the freedom of being a person. The original music for the performance is produced by a Lappish sound designer Esa M. Mattila, whose main musical inspiration lays in the early 90’s US house and techno tracks of his youth. Choreographer & performer: Taneli Törmä Sound designer: Esa Mattila


BIO: Taneli Törmä – LOCATION X is an award-winning choreographer and performing artist, with international and interdisciplinary experience. As a teacher, performer, fundraiser, idea maker and curator he focuses on developing the performing arts towards a more diverse, intercultural, multi-perspectial and innovative form. Taneli Törmä\’s/LOCATION X\’s works have been shown in more than 20 countries. They have been selected twice for the Aerowaves – Dance Across Europe. Alongside his own work, LOCATION X has also initiated the program DANCE ALL YEAR LONG, a mobile customized dance platform offered for different cities. The goal of LOCATION X is to create new bridges for contemporary dance and to find new audiences and collaboration partners for it – a platform for curating new perspectives and views about dance. Taneli Törmä’s works are often immersive. He is driven by the interest to create situations and experiences, that will carry a specific feeling and movement towards the public – always moved by the question on who is dancing and how and where we can dance today in our everyday lifes? ARTIST’S WEBSITE