TynerThoughts (Orpington, England, UK): Screw The Taboo

  • watch: 24th October 2020 at 5pm UTC
  • duration: 7min

This is a short spoken-word piece from a university project. I will perform as the voice that women never had; the position to speak for generations of women who never had the chance to confront female taboos, without feeling out of place. My artistic approach will be inspired by Karen Finley’s, ‘It’s My Body’. I want my speech to inspire young woman and also encourage the rebellion against patriarchy. The fire of liberation and freedom has been lit, and we must not let it burn out, or more importantly, must not let it be blown out.

BIO: I am a recent Drama and Theatre graduate. Though I am focusing on my writing, I have always wanted to perform this piece to a bigger audience after I did it at university. Though I only dabble in acting now, this piece gets me excited to perform. ARTIST’S WEBSITE