Vikki Chopper (Newcastle, Australia): In Search of the Bodied Self

  • 10 Apr 2022 10 am UTC
  • dur 10 min

Vikki will go through her closet, and make use of its mirrored doors, in search of the Embodied Self. She will respond to what she finds in the closet, picking out items, rummaging through pockets, making or putting up notes on the mirror. Although facing the mirror she will be fragmentarily seen, occasionally glimpsed at the edge of the mirror-door. The one we expect to see will not be completely visible. The images are mediated through a camera phone and so we are looking at a twofold distortion, or filter. I want to communicate the fragmented, contingent, interchangeable nature of the self and what can be expressed thereof. The confusion, the indeterminacy, the fluidity.

Victoria Choppington Fountain is a female-identifying artist who occasionally makes use of the physical body of a male writer friend. They have lived/worked/performed in Auckland, Bergen, Berlin, Bremen, Malmo, Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney. They currently live in Newcastle NSW Australia.