Visheh Khatami Moghaddam (Amol, Iran): Garbage Bag

  • 18 Dec 2021 7pm UTC
  • dur 3 min

Sometimes you need to drown yourself as a self-punishment for the guilt that you may have never done, sometimes you need to tear up the boundaries and breath, sometimes you need to wrap up your soul and stay away from the crowd, which one do you choose? (Large black garbage bag first appeared in my works from the early days of my artistic life in the series of paintings “Unforgiven 1, 2 & 3” (2012-2014). This worthless but meaningful material became valuable for me because of several relocations that I had from my childhood. In this video-performance which is my first piece for one-year international project “Endlessly Performing Art”, garbage bag has come to surface again to show my paradox feeling about myself and my psychoanalytical self-punishment and self-curing).

BIO: After experiencing different field of studies and jobs, Visheh Khatami Moghaddam walked into art world in 2011. Since then she studied B.A in Islamic art (Persian painting), M.A in Art Research. From 2012 she has experienced diverse media ranging from Persian painting, photography, needlework to interactive-installation, video & performance. She has also focused on research of various subject of Arts and Humanity, and published translation of two books on contemporary art, as well as participating in Solo & Group exhibitions and international film festivals. As a Middle Eastern woman who was born in war time, she is interested in art therapy and her artworks mostly imply relocation, suspension, human’s isolation and predefined social concepts.