Waka Waka Dance Theatre (Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania): Who The Right

  • 24 Sept 2021 9pm UTC
  • dur 10min

There is people in the world they think that they are always right but outside they look like but inside them they not look like. welcom

BIO: Waka Waka Dance & Theatre is a group comprised of six young artists. Zefania Ezekiel (Founder) Dorosta Amani, Yusuph Machela, Abdul Said Macha, Boniphace Kisege and John Maile. They are all artists by profession and have Diplomas in performing arts including Contemporary, mordern and Traditional dance. Waka Waka is a Swahili word meaning ` shine‘. The name for the group that was found 2010 and registered at the Tanzania Art Council (BASATA) with the main aim of educating and entertaining. WWD&T was a result of ambitious minds with a great passion for dance and need to fulfill dreams and aspirations that young artists have. We believe that dance can be a way for young people to stay away from unhealthy vices no matter how hard life can be. WWD&T aims to find a way to educate through entertainment and also act to empower youth to find a voice of expression and avenues of lively hood so to eradicate poverty. We believe in chasing dreams and to improve society’s view on arts culture which in African societies has not a lot of importance. Through this education and awareness we know positive progress will be made and help to strengthen the arts and society in Tanzania. The core activities for WWD&T is Dance, traditional and Contemporary, theatre, music, Magic, building activities like yoga and physical exercise, Jumping ropes dance styles ,acrobats, Contortion, Hat and juggling art. WWD&T artists are also Teachers/ choreographers they train and organize pieces. They also entertain in ceremonies like festivals, wedding receptions, Birthday and all kinds of ceremonies where people like to have fun and learn. ARTIST’S WEBSITE