1 (Madrid, Spain): Narcolepsia

  • 9 Apr 2022 11am UTC
  • dur 7min

 I assume as data the visual, the sound, the corporal and the performative elements, generating through collective interaction a continuous process of learning, beyond the usual practice of a live choreographic performance The first time I had a real approach to electronics, apart from the slight within academic circles, and how little was present within the academy these raids, experiments, and realities; was playing “Voilements for bass clarinet & electronic tape” by Jean Claude Risset 14 years ago. This happened after studying closely contemporary performance with Paolo Ravaglia, and music composition electronics and sound technology with Lelio Camilieri in Bologna in 2008. I think that there It all started, to set a date. Groups such as “Sound Color”, “Open Code”, presentations and premieres of stage shows “La Voh Cahtúa”, “Greda, Barro, Arcilla”, and my “Methodology for the study of Steve Reich” published in 2019, are some of the milestones that I am placed here today. A kind of numerous interpretive and experimental experiences. The academy has always attracted me, hence my educational interests that still do not cease. If there is a genre/resource/aesthetic or philosophy where to get a deep look, it is the electronically, especially if performed live. Something similar to looking at a painting by Robert Rauschenberg. Something like an extremely long conversation in the eyes.

José Luis Fraga (A Coruña, 1988), is a clarinetist and saxophonist. His academic training in Jazz and Classical was in Spain and Italy and recently an artistic research grant at the CSKG Master in Madrid. In 2021 it presents premieres such as “La Voh Cahtúa”, tutored by Niño de Elche at MediaLab el Prado, or “Greda, Barro, Arcilla”. Contemporary dance show curated by Juan Lopez Lopez. In 2018 he received the INJUVE Creation Award with “Entremares Project” (Youkali Music). which has been presented in places such as the Cuban Art Factory in Havana, the Ibero-American House in Holguín, the House of Music in Alicante, the Paco de Lucía Auditorium or El Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. He received grants PANC (AMEE) tutored by Susan Campos Fonseca (Costa Rica Musical Historical Archive), and Buzz Meets Biz from the Goethe Institute of Ghana and Alliance Française. Since 2016 he has been the artistic director of the “Código Abierto” collective of transdisciplinary improvisation (music, dance and visual arts). Selected for the international residencies Konvent Zero or Art and Ground… it premiered at the Puertas de Castilla sound art center in Murcia. In their meetings, they have received artists from Mexico, Japan and Spain. During these last year, has premiered and presented projects in Europe and Central America; at MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona), Acud Theater in Berlin, and selected by the MAJAAM Residency in Estonia. ARTIST’S WEBSITE