10th September 2020 at 9:30am UTC “Want to know myself” by Nitesh Kushwaha (Punjab, IN), dur:10m

“Want to know myself” by Nitesh Kushwaha (Punjab, IN)

I am the member of hexxyduxxybox As an artist I want creative peice of performance art..in search of my soul

Nitesh kushwaha did his BFA in sculpture from Lovely professional university (Punjab).He believed that his work come from history and culture. His motive is to render his visualization with idealization and personal experience. From very initial stage of his life, he was very much interested in art. His basic approach is making artwork; a piece of reality. His emotional appeal is a bond between his artwork . His work combines, geometric form ,organic and realistic. Through his artwork he connect the people with social norms. He is also doing painting ,performance art etc. He did residency in Nine fish art gallery (Mumbai) and participated in various art competition and exhibition.