11 MAR 2021 9pm UTC “DasÜberbrücken/Bridging #31” by Megumi Eda& Nadja Haas (Berlin, DE) dur 25min

“DasÜberbrücken/Bridging #31” by Megumi Eda& Nadja Haas

Bridging A site & time specific performance / body installation. Bridging; Admiral Bridge; New venue in times of pandemic. Place of social and cultural exchange with international and Kietz audiences. A site & time specific performance / body installation. From isolation to the integration of new movement structures. The body negotiates the I in the outside space. A collective initiative for dancers to play on the bridge; Thursdays 4-4: 30 pm Live broadcast online. Together we will discuss the new performative space.

ransferred to the area of the Admiralsbrücke as a public environment, the question arises: In which area do we act as physical beings / bodies? The new challenges force any concentration to turn inward, to break with convention and leave it behind. Dancers are invited to explore the bridge together as a space for the performing arts, an invitation to participate and to develop something new. The capital as a place of action and work, because Berlin lives the differences with great tolerance.