11 MAY 2021 3pm UTC “Encounter” by Hilaj Academy (Tehran, IR) dur 30min

“Encounter” by Hilaj Academy

Everything in the universe has consciousness: even our words, thoughts, looks and movements … This awareness of everything imposes duties on us human beings … Accordingly, we will have a conscious responsibility both towards objects and towards human beings. The conscious responsibility of human beings will be towards themselves and other human beings and towards the world around them. We humans produce and exchange all kinds of energies and frequencies in our conscious encounters with ourselves and with others … This exchange of energy allows the exchange of creating spaces of thought and culture … The exchange of ideas will be the beginning of the situation, the situation of confrontation. ..Human confrontation that has replaced the words with tools such as color, music, touch, five senses, etc. … Symbols will be the greatest mediator of our conscious encounter …

We are an international film, theater and performance art academy named Hilaj.