12 FEB 6pm UTC “Nosotros en el cuerpo: Meteoroid1” by Lucas Sofía and Nadja Haas (Berlin, DE) dur 30min

“Nosotros en el cuerpo: Meteoroid1” by Lucas Sofía and Nadja Haas


inside out
From no form to form
The birth within the nebula
a manifested form&sound

No form
Inside us

The narrowness of this passage in time is affecting us all.
We squeeze our big self through the needle hole to meet our essence.
We have come and dominated our territory but now we only surrender to a facet of self.
Shedding persona/mask and stage.
The place has shrunk and everyone watches the other with distance and doubt.
Ahh what beautiful release when we are comfortable with this essence with this little space to share we are communal beings we long to share
Share your essence

Lucas and Nadja
Sound landscaping and movement;
They take advantage of the creative process together and found a spontaneous place for an artistic life;
Their energies give rise to a kind of humorous narrative.
Sometimes the dynamic is very energetic in contrast to detailed and slow states.
They both enjoy dreaming and create a refuge from the mundane world.
Their pieces touch the absurd and play with a kind of “sur-real hyperreality” where you can see the sweat and hear the clock ticking.

Lucas —-sound


Nadja —-movement