15 February 2022 11am UTC “Drawing Breath” by Roland Buckingham-Hsiao (Sunderland, UK) duration: 20min

“Drawing Breath” by Roland Buckingham-Hsiao

\”Drawing Breath\” explores embodiment and mark-making. It is inspired by research into meditative practices and the synchronicity of breathing and strokes in Chinese calligraphy. The rise and fall of performer\’s breath will determine the marks left on a scroll of Xuan paper, as he pulls it across his torso. Part ritual, part durational performance, the line left will be a material record of existence pared down to its most basic element.

Roland Buckingham-Hsiao is a visual artist and researcher based in the UK and Taiwan. His work investigates the boundaries of language, viz. text-image, text-body and text-object relations, often via East-West cultural exchange. He studied Chinese painting and calligraphy in Taiwan and at the University of ShaoXing in China. He is currently engaged in practice-led doctoral research on embodied performance and calligraphy at the International Research Centre for Calligraphy at the University of Sunderland, U.K. He has exhibited artwork at Tate Britain, UK, the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, UK, and various international venues. He has also lectured at universities in China, Taiwan and England, including at the Royal College of Art, London.