16 FEB 2021 8pm UTC “4′ 33″ (Abridged) for Percussion (apologies to John Cage)” by Grant Guy ( Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA) dur 48s

“4′ 33″ (Abridged) for Percussion (apologies to John Cage)” by Grant Guy

Other than a decade 1999-2009 my work has incorpoated humour. I am influenced by clowns, whether they be in the circus, silent movies, the anarchistic humour of the Mark Brothers or the clowns of art John Cage, Nam June Paik, George Brecht, Ben Patterson). DADA and Fluxus are also influences (there were a lot of clowns in Fluxus).

Grant Guy is a Winnipeg, Canada, theatremaker performance artists, programmer and writer. He has made some very bad experimental films and okay to good videos. He has been the artistic director of SHARED STAGE (a cabaret like venue), ADHERE+DENY(an object/puppet based theatre company) and The Circus of Objects (a cabaret like venue). His work has been shown in galleries locally in Winnipeg and across Canada. He has worked for Ace Art, Video Pool and the Winnipeg Film Group. In 1986 he was the Executive Director of the International Intermedia Performance Festival.