16th May 2020. at 8am UTC “I’ve been thinking about (Growing up)” by Zed Hopkins (Brisbane, Australia) duration 12h

WHAT IS THIS:​ An immersive 12 hour live stream performance where you the audience are invited to engage with, question, call and connect with me as I attempt to traverse the transition from youth into adulthood.
DURATION:​ 12 hours (From sunset the evening of the 16th of May until Sunrise on the 17th of May AEST) The door is always open and you can come and go as you wish.

On the 17th of May I am set to graduate College (Albeit Virtually). I guess that means I should probably grow up, waive goodbye to my youth and face the world as what I was always meant to be — a “Qualified” (though these days a theatre degree doesn’t seem to qualify you for much) and “Educated” member of society. So before I depart my glory days, before I let go of the blissful naivety and provocative memories of my younger years I stand here as a somewhat lost and uncertain character, caught in between youth and adulthood, between the known and the unknown. So for the twelve hours that I wait for the sun to rise on my future, I surrender myself to you the audience, an object of your screen, a piece of content ready to be consumed. I invite you to join in with the revelings, to burn down the bridges of the past, set fireworks off in your living rooms and stand at the edge of the abyss of adulthood, throwing coins into the water beneath in the hope that maybe your wish will come true.

Zed Hopkins is a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily as a performance artist, director and filmmaker. His work has taken him from his hometown of Brisbane (Australia) around the world to places like London, Singapore, Prague and Los Angeles.


Zed has a wealth of experience across a broad range of artistic mediums and is now working on several new projects in the realms of digital media and virtual performance art. His most recent work has seen him touring a one-man show around Singapore, as well as producing a hybrid art exhibition in his hometown of Brisbane. Zed is also preparing for the launch of his first full-length play in Los Angeles in Mid 2021 and his first book due for release around the same time. Zed is a 2020 Watson Fellow and a proud (soon to be) graduate of Pomona College in California. You can learn more about and reach out to Zed through ARTISTS WEBSITE