16th September 2020 at 5pm UTC “What Would You Like for Dinner ?” by Lee Campbell, London(UK) duration 10m

“What Would You Like for Dinner ?” by Lee Campbell

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE FOR DINNER? explores gay male coupledom with one partner wanting to complete the family unit by getting a dog whist the other, although not entirely against the idea of getting a ‘Dudley’ or a ‘Rufus’ (the name of the dog that the couple often dogsit), seeks to confirm the date of their wedding after a prolonged period of engagement. This question of the dog (which could be argued as being a substitute child) and of marriage is absurd and funny as it does reflect any relationship but taps into many of things that Professor Jacqui Gabb from The Open University writes about in her recent article, ‘It’s raining cats, dogs and diapers! The intersections of rising pet ownership and LGBTQ+ coupledom (2019) in which she talks about the ‘ways that young LGBTQ+ couples are planning their futures together, around and through their pets’.


Dr Lee Campbell is an artist, experimental filmmaker, curator, lecturer at University of the Arts London and founder of Homo Humour Films, the first of its kind project on contemporary queer male film and moving image practices that explore humour and LGBTQ+ storytelling. His recent moving image work revolves around his personal autobiographical perspective and explores (gay male) identity and desire. Comedy is an integral part of his work. He uses it to engage, disarm, and highlight.ARTIST’S WEBSITE