18 JAN 2021 12am UTC “Epiphany” by Natia Chikvaidze Dance Company (Tbilisi, GA) dur 45min

“Epiphany” by Natia Chikvaidze Dance Company

Artist is a priest of eternal imagination, transmuting the daily bread of experience into the radiant body of everliving life. ( James Joyce) It got me thinking about Epiphanies and how often they show up in our lives. A light turns on, we have that aha moment where a realization hits home in a way it hasn’t before. It’s enlightening and can be life changing. What we do with the Epiphany — the awakening — is what matters, right? The doing looks different for everyone. Sometimes the doing is not actually “doing” anything. It’s being the Epiphany. Living the realization, one day, one hour, being one moment, one second at a time. It’s returning to the feeling evoked when the bells of Epiphany first started ringing . Epiphanies feed creativity, particularly when we follow them, court them, nurture them, build relationships with them, introduce them to others so they can flourish and become something beyond themselves. Relationships between the beings who inhabit the stage are the starting-point of endless explorations inside bodies and minds. As they zoom in and out, we embark on a journey from microscopic impressions to macroscopic feelings as huge as… the most grossly misshapen of superlative realities. This world of psyche and emotion, with rules that are both strict and organic.

2020 Art and Freedom -Civil Rights in Time of Crisis one of the winners from the competition for the exhibition – Directed and choreographed short video film “Epiphany” Musician Anushka Chkeidze, video Saba Shengelia. Live performance “Epiphany” with 5 dancers, live music performance (45 min) – Composer Anushka CHKHEIDZE under Contemporary Dance & Experimental Art Festival in Tbilisi (6 Th edition of the festival-Digital Trajectories) 2020 Dancer in the Movie “RED Sun” choreography by Yuko Kaseki Circe platform Tbilisi Dancer with Circe Experimental Platform for Dance and Theater and Embassy of Israel in Georgia present short experimental The Film: “Be Circled”, the film is in working of progress. Director and Choreographer of Georgian Alphabet: Maka Kiladze Choreographer of Hebrew Alphabet: Saar Harari dancer and Choreographer from „Batsheva“dance company Israel. 2020_Choreographer of the video commercial Silknet with “Metro Production” Georgia Choreographer of “Medea” Directed and playwriting by Paata Tsikolia Stage Designer Ira Shengelia. Studied Ableton program of “303hz” Music school. 2019-2020 – Coach and Dancer of the group with La (Horde) Ballet Marseille France/Georgian project world premiere “Marry me in Bassiani” Premiered in Hamburg /Germany Paris /France and around the world currently. And Then We Danced movie/2018- 2019 _directed by Levan akin choreographed last contemporary dance part for the Movie. Crosslucid first date Online premiere presented by boilerroom.tv Choreographed for the short film. 2019 Circe platform Tbilisi Choreographed Creation I’m Premiere in November and touring in Poland /berlin. Dancer at Body-place-image creation by Nancy Allison Contemporary dance and experimental art festival in khidi club Tbilisi 2019 And the short movie. 2018 -Choreographed “hybrid “for the German Artist photographer – Karin Odendahl at Silk Museum Exhibition Tbilisi /Georgia 2017-Giorgi Aleksidze Contemporary Dance Company Tbilisi–Guest teacher/choreographer for a project. 2016 -2017 KIBBUTZ DANCE COMPANY– Artistic Director:Rami Be’er Performed: If At All- Germany Tour (Schrittmacher Dance Festival), Horses In The Sky. Creation world premiere by Rami Be’er independent Project by Martin Harriague 2015 /2016 ELie Lazar Dance Company danced: Jacarras ,Carmen,Hofesh. 2013 – 2015 Kamea Dance Company Touring Internationally and nationally (Israel) with works by Tamir Ginz – Carmina Burana, Bamidbar Dvarim, Mozart 10, Status, Red Sky Itzik Galili – Things I Told Nobody HASADNA January edition yaara moses &yarden raz ,Sheron Eyal, Ohad Naharin 2013-2014 Cannes Jeune Ballet Artistic director : Paola Cantalupo Ballet d\’europe in Marseille France – Aalto Ballet Theater in Essen Apprenticeship contract for March 2 Artistic director: Ben Wan Cauwenbergh 2012-2013 Compagnie Linga Marco Cantalupo – Concerto PERFORMED WITH CANNES JEUNES BALLET Sweet Gershwin Choreography by Jean-Charles Gil (ballet D’Europe ccompany Marseille) · Petite symphonie-Choreography by Davide bombana Foudre -Choreography by Claude Brumachon and Benjamin Lamche Beatwin-choreography by Julian Ficely Carte Blanche Creations made by students in the pre-professional section Artistic Director: Frédéric Flamand. Performed Trois-D in Theatre Festival de Danse Cannes during the festival, choreography by Antonio Ceresia. Also performed at Theater Debussy along with La La La Human Steps performance 2010-2011 \”Opus 40\” choreography by Jean-Christophe Maillot (Ballet de Monte- Carlo) La chataigne pour les cendres Choreography by Bruno Roque choreographer – Ballet de Monte Carlo. Ecole Supérieure de Danse de Cannes, Rosella Hightower 2010-2013 Pre-Professional division leading to The Dancer ProfessionalAdvanced Diploma Among teachers : Hacène Bahiri, Paola Cantalupo, Monet Robier, Joëlle Certificat in History of Dance, Music, Anatomy, Choreographic Notation Arts,The Circus. 2001-2009Graduated from Tbilisi Vakhtang Chabukiani Ballet Shool 2002-2006 Graduated from Tbilisi Music Conservatory 2002-2006University of the Arts .