23rd September 2020 at 12:30pm UTC “Ornamentation death” by Chathuri Nissansala (Colombo, LK) dur:30min

“Ornamentation death” by Chathuri Nissansala (Colombo, LK)


https://docs.google.com/document/d/12gtw9Gz_R6eRVf7D3Gf0MXEC_zeCEI-mFgvN8B8xCoM/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SXpefl0thz4R9iDe5CErjl4A8_bMp45PMlCN8ELEUwk/edit

Chathuri Nissansala is a multidisciplinary artist from Sri Lanka and currently practicing in Colombo. She acquired bachelor in fine arts from Chitra Kala Parishath (Nehuru memorial scholarship) , bengaluru 2017, Masters in visual arts from M.S.U. Baroda , Gujarat , India. At present she is part of the Mullegama Art Center. My parameter of interest is an engagement to understand the role of an individual oscillating within the layers of the society. Socio political enigmas, histories of detest boundaries laid upon that make structures of culture, society, civilizations that exist as these layers and their predominance. Living within the region of South Asia understanding these dichotomies within the society and approaching them through visual engagements – tends to exist as the locus of my work. The role of the marginal and their coexistence; approaching them and their experiences, voices build the base to each work. Each work developed through concurrent research materials collected through personal experience, interviews and archaic material of the subjectivity. The purpose is to revoke an individual\’s perspective of the subjective and create an attempt to allow viewers to enter into the space of these individuals\’ lives. There is a presence of identity, constantly questioned and exists as an abstract presence. Carrying the discipline of drawings and painting allows it to transcend itself, creating a habitat of an individual space that the viewers are tend to engage within. The presence of the space and its existence with the human presence and the space of the body leads into a performance and performativity engagement within the work. Moulding the performativity aspects and its relational aesthetics with space and archaic material has been a new found subjective interest.ARTIST WEBSITE