30 MAY 2021 2pm UTC “project YA” by Marat Yagfarov (Almaty, KZ) dur 10min

“project YA” by Marat Yagfarov

Traditional Birthday Performance. I do it since 2018. But this time it will be in another plane – on the floor. Dance floor works and ground moves create unique lines and textures on the canvas.

Creator of \”Я\” Performance (Я [ya] – Russian pronoun, which means \”I\”) Performance was shown several times in Almaty, Kazakhstan: 31.05.19 – Premier of performance. Organized by me under support of eMocean ArtDepot. 15.06.19 – Performance took part in the Festival of Young Artists. Organizer: Almaty Gallery. 19.10.19 – Collaborative performance with Galymzhan Balsary and exhibition in Almaty Gallery. Organized by me and Galymzhan under support of Almaty Gallery. 31.05.2020 – \”Я. 2020\” Online Performance 09.09.2020 – Online Performance at Online Performance Art Festival Also I am: The President of Funky Town Youth Association, Founder & President of Funky Dance Center, Founder of FunKitOwn Show Project; Professional Dancer (street dance: popping, hip hop, locking, house); Dance Event Organizer;