30 MAY 2021 8pm UTC “The Bell´s Man” by Illusionist Bismarck (Caracas, VE) dur 6min

“The Bell´s Man” by Illusionist Bismarck

The Bell´s Man A salon magic routine, the illusionist\’s challenge consists of appearing and disappearing objects, multiplying them and changing their color in full view of the spectator, located just a few meters from the scene. The Bell`s Man surprises with his ability to manipulate in a frenzied crescendo, which adds emotion to the expectations of this playful exchange, between the number of objects, colors and the speed to execute them, resulting in an energetic and unprecedented act.

In 2005 I started at the Prometeo circus arts school, where a group of young people interested in promoting the social circus, we gave ourselves the task of venturing into these arts, focusing on the constant training we received from Dizzi Perales, who was founder of said Group. From this, I performed social functions in different neighborhoods, communities and schools, with the practice of Juggling and Aerial Acrobatics. For the Year 2006 interested in improving myself in another artistic area, such as Magic, I traveled to Medellín, Colombia, where I had the opportunity to learn with my father the Mago Volantín, an outstanding magician residing in Colombia, in this country I was part of different groups dance for two years, specializing in ballroom dancing. In 2008 I returned to Caracas and returned to Prometheus, where I gave workshops and continued to perform functions in the communities. In 2009, I auditioned and was selected in the National Circus Company, which at that time belonged to the Institute of Performing and Musical Arts (IAEM), an entity attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Culture, where I worked as a Magician and trained part of many large and small shows, having the opportunity to travel throughout Venezuela with performances and workshops aimed at children and adolescents interested in learning about this discipline. Among the most important functions, I was involved in works such as: Achilles in the Garden of Retazos, Fictitious City and the Circus continues, Reveron \”the painter of light\” among others, presented in theaters, squares and cultural events of the Ministry, in addition having visited the state of Zulia for two months, on its I National Tour. During that period in the National Circus Company, I had the opportunity to travel to Guatemala, Chile and Argentina, to specialize in parlor magic and stage magic. In 2014 I started a personal project called UNDERMAGIK PROJECT which consists of merging the performing arts with illusionism, a project that I am currently developing.