30th August 2020 at 12am UTC “The chains of the Eros”by Ruth Vigueras Bravo (Mexico City, MX) duration 20min

The action to be carried out questions through experiential experiences, behaviors and patterns in sentimental relationships generated by physical and verbal violence on both sides, which are linked to an endless number of cultural, psychological and ideological origins. These are moments when humanity is going through a situation of confinement due to the pandemic, which increased the rates of domestic violence. On a projection of a photographic image on the wall are: a beef tongue and bandages. The performer takes the tongue and begins to generate an erotic bond, breaks that bond, begins to cook the tongue in her pants, lets the tongue hang, immediately takes the bandage begins to wrap, until completely tied, end of the piece.

Ruth Vigueras Bravo is a Mexican visual artist, whose work focuses on performance art and photography. She holds a bachelor degree and a master\’s in Visual Arts. Her Performance work characterizes in urban Site-Specific interventions with social and political connotations, coming from a process of autoethnographic research in which the body acts as an interlocutor in the public space. Duo to her social interest, she teaches workshops, special courses, as well as performance and photography seminars. She also engages the community at national and international level creating various electronic and printed publications, with essays on contemporary art and photography. She has participated at various performance and action art festivals in: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Spain, United States, Italy, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Portugal, South Korea, Thailand and Venezuela. She was a fellow at the National Council for Culture and the Arts in Mexico (CONACULTA) and at the Postgraduate in Arts and Design at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). ARTIST’S WEBSITE