9 APR 2021 5pm UTC “Stormy I” by Nadja Haas and Lucas Sofia (Berlin, DE) dur 15min

“Stormy I” by Nadja Haas and Lucas Sofia

Stormy I
Prayer flags dancing hopeful in the wind. Trees waving from right to left to right. Children singing did. did did da…Erasing Brain-Space for a better moment. She pointed fingers in all directions. Sleepy eye contact versus lip-reading. This time-capsule hard to swallow.
Move me me is moved. Ahh body crashing hunger games. Push me pull me into the body.
Alert all senses against inertia
Upside up. Tranquil atmospheric flow of energy/light-molecules between us.

Lucas and Nadja
Sound landscaping and movement;
They take advantage of the creative process together and found a spontaneous place for an artistic life;
Their energies give rise to a kind of humorous narrative.
Sometimes the dynamic is very energetic in contrast to detailed and slow states.
They both enjoy dreaming and create a refuge from the mundane world.
Their pieces touch the absurd and play with a kind of “sur-real hyperreality” where you can see the sweat and hear the clock ticking.

Nadja Haas – movement

Lucas Sofía – sound