Agnes Yit (London, UK/USA): Till Death Do Us Part: Fallen Leaves

  • 11 Oct 2023 5:30 pm UTC
  • dur 45 min

Performance explores the transcendence of time-space while moving in space through navigating movements at a specific site, where falling leaves drift by, of what seems like red and gold autumn leaves, under the sunray of summertime that I used to hold, and movements help to grasp them in their place between falling & fallen to becoming broken-down wastes. The performance action has to do with holding on to, so long the endurance allows, and what is being held on seems to be in the mode of repetition. Humans tend to seek comfort in what is familiar to them. Sigmund Freud called this repetition compulsion which he defined as \’the desire to return to an earlier state of things\’. It questions the notion of control through familiarity to things and breaking free from the illusion of control over the outcome of events, totally uncontrollable and beyond us. This performance involves the present of the artist, to perform site-specifically, navigating movements on-site in-accordance to the conditions of nature, working together with nature & its transformation over time. Actions are explored to prevent the body’s movement against falling, with each movement felt in the artist\’s potential for freedom as she moves with the earth’s gravitational pull, and with different pulls, constraints and freedoms that move her forward & about, and propel her into life with nature, is experienced.

Agnes Yit is an Architect by profession, registered with the Architects Registration Board, the official licensure body in the UK. She is an alumni of The Architecture Association School of Architecture in London, UK, major-ed in Architecture and have since graduated with a Masters in Architecture in 2011, and previously been awarded the Bachelor of Arts (1st-Class Honours) in Interior Architecture from the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design in England. A multi-disciplinary artist, Agnes has been active in performance art practice since 1999, performed in major cities in Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, United Kingdom, Europe and Canada, and have travelled extensively to participate in international performance art festivals & meetings, experimental art events and symposiums. Performance art as her platform, she explores topics not limited to control, lost of control, temporality, life & death, decay, transition, synchronicity, engaging both site-specifically & spatially with the immediate landscapes to generate relationships between physical body, transcending time and space which is fluid, at the present.