Alberto Couratier (Santiago, Chile): art class

  • watch: 27th June2020 at 2 pm UTC
  • duration: 20 min

Today classes are held through the web, the work simulates the deconstruction action of the student\’s visual culture, in relation to an image that is made up of fragments of toy-politicians, which emphasize a biopolitical identity around the child\’s play and daily life. These exposed figures and images build a story of this popular education and vision of art in the classroom, the quality schooling violence and work, encrypting in a technical craft without a critical background.

BIO: ​I am a Visual Arts teacher , I studied in Universidad Católica Cardenal Raúl Silva Henríquez (Santiago, Chile). I am also a visual artist; I have been part in the Perfolink collective, in addition, sharing performances meetings with artists such as: Silvio de Gracia, Elvira Santamaría, Jamie McMurry, Ana Montenegro, VestAndPage, among others. I summarize my work as a link between visual arts and pedagogy, socialized through national and international workshops, talks and exhibitions: through Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, the United States, Denmark, Turkey and Bangladesh. ARTIST’S WEBSITE