Alice M. & the eyeball (Bangkok, Thailand): PATH #01

  • 8 Apr 2023 11 am UTC
  • dur 20 min

This path draws a space: a way is traced so that I thread through it. I walk on lines, I meet objects in company of which I spend time. My gaze is hungry It feeds meaning to every aspect of the world and gets sated. (The world is always a story about me) I play the game of creation against chance and randomness. I weave narratives over and around everything.

As a painter and comics designer she started to approach Theatre and Performance seeking for a 3rd dimension through the movement. She has been working in cross disciplinary topics (painting, scenography, installation, performing, acting, dancing) alone and in collaboration with other visual and performing artists in Berlin, Paris, Turin, India and Bangkok. She develops a deep interest on the dance. After taking Butō and Contemporary dance classes, she attends a M. A. in Dance Studies at FU (Freie Universität) Berlin. She grounded ad curates with Reyes Perez the B- Lock Project (First edition 2006) organising Workshop for dance and physical theatre with different international teachers at the BLO Ateliers ( Since 2011 she is co-founder of Compagnia Oxymoron and is involved in the formation of actors and in the production of performances. ARTIST’S WEBSITE