Alina Tofan (Bucharest, Romania): Ritual in Time of Quarantine

  • watch: 17th August 2020 at 1pm UTC
  • duration: 1min

I am hungry for freedom. Finally, now I can eat everything I want. Nobody cares. Now I’m free, but I’m afraid. Now I feel like my whole body is captured in a trap. I’m alone with my body and my thoughts. I’m not afraid of Coronavirus, I’m afraid of gaining weight.

BIO: My name is Alina Tofan and I have recently graduated from the Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography – Acting. At the moment, I am a student at Master- Art – Therapy – Psychodrama. My goal is to develop as many artistic means of expression. My array of preoccupations encompasses all innovative modalities of communication and creating relationships with people. As an artist in training, my goal is to express as many emotions through the body, to communicate with all my senses and to put on display various images, to compress or dilate time. ARTIST’S WEBSITE