Amanda Drożdż (Poznań, Poland): Autonomy of destruction

  • 19 Dec 2020 4pm UTC
  • dur 9min

The performance is about my personal dualism. How easy it is for me to completely destruct myself. How brutal I can be to myself. Everytime after that, after my autodestruction I am trying to fix it, to fix myself up. To build another and stronger shell all over again. Because I am my own creator but also i am my worst enemy. So in the performance I am using a knife as a medium that could easily make a sharp wounds on my fragile layers. The tights I am wearing and puting on as another coating they symbolize my second skin to by more literally. I am using glue hysterically to fuse and heal the fresh wounds I gave to myself. This performance was the first I have ever made. I went on stage and after I took of my clothes I started to putting on layers and layers of tights in nude shades. Which were associated with my skin. Accidencialy in the act of frenzy i started to cutting the tights of and at the same time gluing them together again. Its like staggering wheel – never ending act of self destruction alternately with acts of self care and cure. Its like rebuilding all over again the execution you made.

BIO: Amanda Drożdż was born in 1999 in the small town Opole in Poland. In 2017 Drożdż has got the first place in the national art competition (Ogólnopolski plener rysunkowo-malarski im. Krystyny Drążkiewicz) for the most talented students selected from all the Art High Schools in Poland. With the first place she has got an index to study at the University of Fine Arts in Poznan. After a year studying Art in Poznań she’s got a scholarship to study at the Art University of Malaga in Spain for a semester contributing in the Erasmus+ program. Now 21 years old Drożdż describes her work as an individual, controversial statement far beyond academic correctness. Her paintings and performances are full of expression and brutal in the figurative way. The main subjects of her inerests are human bodies and the dualism between mind and embodiment that she tries to provide them with the autonomy of expressing her emotionality and expressing her as an artist.