Ana Catalina Gubandru (Bucharest, Romania): Black Magic Hyper Boxing (and the Hyper Magic Punch)

  • 11 Nov 2022 11 am UTC
  • dur 20 min

Black Magic Hyper Boxing (and the Hyper Magic Punch), performance, sound art 2017 concept: Performance on the topic of the black box and its content, using microphone for revealing the emotional state of the artist while being in a black box situation – performing situation. Capturing the heart beats of the performer in real time, emotional state that is usually unseen or not so evident for the public but happening inside the artist\’s body.​presented at RKI Berlin and Future Museum Bucharest

I am an independent artist born and based in Bucharest, Romania. My work is related to the body and spectatorship. I mostly work with the basic definition of the performance using various artistic media as performance and performing, sound, text, interviews, photography, video, drawing, installation, objects, participatory art, theory and critique, philosophy, space. I develop my projects in national and international artistic residencies and present them internationally in different contexts, events and spaces. ARTIST’S WEBSITE