AnimaeNoctis (Genoa, ItalyAnimaeNoctis): Wondrous Homage Not To Repeat

  • 12 Oct 2023 3 am UTC
  • dur 10 min

Videodance/performance with original music by AnimaeNoctis. This place was a mountain and became a huge quarry. Now Nature is striking back. The show pays homage to the only resident inhabitant of this place: a sheep that was used to live there around 2015. The quarry is an abandoned place and strictly forbidden to people.

After years of self-healing and desperate reinvention of their single resumes, Silvia (1994) and Massimo (1973) became a life project and a multidisciplinary duo in 2019. They deal with electroacustic music, performance, videoart, publishing, dance, 2D and 3D art. They handle with care a polymorphous bomb not to dismantle. ARTIST’S WEBSITE