Anna Borràs Company (Malmö, Sweden): ARYO

  • 7 Apr 2023 10 pm UTC
  • dur 15 min

Aryo is a dance production which incorporates the combination of this one and live music. Is a collaboration done with the musicians Joel Fuguet Magali (percussionist) and Marina Galán Rodríguez (pianist).

The work tells the different love stages someone is experiencing through live, passing through a deep and detailed scene of every sensational feel of love in each moment. Passing through gravity, strength and speed.

The gravity you can experiment while you are on your own and how different it is while that person is there and when is not (the gap is been made). The strength of this love, passion and the speed, in terms of how quick the time passes while you are in love with someone or you love someone and how slow the time passes when you touch this person.

“When is close there is less distance is because of that there is more strength, whilst, when this one is far away, there is more distance, then, there is less force. Including how quick and slow it goes relatively”.

Anna Borràs – Choreographer, dance artist and mentor

Anna was born and raised in Reus, Catalonia. She is graduated in contemporary dance at the Institut del Teatre from Barcelona in 2010. Anna has worked beside different choreographers and companies such as Ramón Oller, Shlomi Bitton, Alexander Ekman, Akram Khan, Bebeto Cidra, IT Dansa, Verve12 (UK), Retina Dance Company (UK), Jasmin Vardimon (UK), Nicolas Ricchini Company, Jorge Crecis SQx, Companhia de Dança do Norte, Simba Dance Ensemble, Kernel Dance Theater (Barcelona), Skånes Dansteater (Sweden), among others.

Anna has participated in several dance competitions the most remarkables could be: 1st solo prize at II Certamen Mujer Contemporanea (Almeria, Spain), 1st solo prize Premi Beca Roseta Mauri (Reus, Spain), awarded with a choreographic commission by T.H.E Second Company at the M1 Contact Contemporary Festival in Singapore (Asia), Avayava Contemporary Dance Festival, Pune (India), I Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea de la Ciudad de México, México, finalist at the X Certamen de Danza Burgos-Nueva York, The Holland Dance Festival, semifinalist at the 18th Internatonal Solo-Tanz Festival in Stuttgart (Germany), 24ena Quinzena de Dança de Almada, Lisboa, (Portugal), among others.

Anna began her choreographic project Indra Dance Company in 2010 alongside her dance partner Dan Lourenço. When, after some years in 2014 she also started running own works and collaborations with international artists around the globe, institutions and youth companies under the sign of Anna Borràs Company. ARTIST’S WEBSITE