Artists Day 2 -14th May 2017

Dragan Strunjaš (Belgrade, Serbia)
Crossroads (duration 7 min)
Watch: 14th May 2017 at 1pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Performance is researching the relation between individuals and masses in urban surroundings and how architectural and urban settings relate to human behavior. It analyzes the question about what happens to the ones not following the masses.

BIO: BIO: Dragan Strunjas is architect from Belgrade. He focuses on contemporary issues of cities and society, their mutual interaction and visually researches different possibilities of architecture, its presentation and effects to people. Among other  participated Month of Performance Art Berlin, Alto fest Napoli, B Tour Berlin, Faki Zagreb, Walk with the Artist Belgrade. Artist Website


Sandro Masai (Aalborg, Denmark)
SYMPHONY #2 (duration 30 min)
Watch: May 14th at 3pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Remote Participatory Performance This is an experimental performance using the internet as a site-specific for the happening. The performer offers his moving body as the music score for improvisation in real time and anywhere in the world to form this symphony. Hopefully, the sound pieces will find each other at some point somewhere and form the harmony. Maybe the musical meeting of the sounds will happen far from the musicians participating, maybe you can listen your neighbour at the same time you play or sing, or maybe you will record your improvisation and share with the other participants online.

BIO: Sandro Masai is a Brazilian performance artist, multimedia artist and interaction designer who has been living in Denmark since 2007. He holds a Bachelor degree of ‘Art and Technology’ from Aalborg University and a Master degree of ‘Interaction Design’ from Design School Kolding, both in Denmark. He works with interactive artworks and theatrical performances. He often combines the different art forms. He has worked in collaboration with several international artists in many countries, such as Brazil, England, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. His performances include acting in movies, theatre plays, modern dance, butoh dance and performance art. Artist Website


Jeffery Byrd (Cedar Falls, IA, USA)
Joust (duration 30 min)
Watch: 14th May 2017 at 5pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Two creatures made of cardboard meet in a wooded area. Their appearance evokes both colorful robots and armored knights. The move awkwardly about one another and begin to attack one another with their long cardboard lances. Their movements are clumsy and clownish and they engage one another in mock battle, shedding bits of themselves along the way. Eventually, their armor is destroyed and they leave in opposite directions, neither having won.

BIO: Jeffery Byrd is a performance artist based in the US. His work explores the relationship between artifice and reality and the challenge of finding beauty in the unexpected. His work has been in major cities through the USA as well as China, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Cuba, Mexico and the UK. Artist Webiste


Dos Locas (Germany)
Mujeres (duration 9 min)
Watch: 14th May 2017 at 6pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Genre: Physical Theatre accomanied by live Music

BIO: We are performer and theatre producer based in Berlin. We participated in Classes for Physical Theatre and Developing Theatre Performances. Kristin Brechler studies theatre and worked for various theatre companies in Berlin. Lorenza Manfredi is an architect, painter and founded a coworking space in Berlin.


Benna (Venice, Italy)
Artist and the Caveman (duration 12:33 min)
Watch: 14th May 2017 at 9pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: “Artists and the caveman” is a video-performance enacted in a very dark room, motionlessly facing faint motion pictures about the history of mankind. The dark room represents a Platonic Cave, the famous allegory concerning the fundamental dilemma between nature and education, with which the Greek philosopher even foresaw the risks of today’s television’s virtualisation.

BIO: Philosophy, Poetry and Interdisciplinary Arts – “Either eclecticism or boredom” Selected events Biennials VideoFest2K16 – Bienal Internacional de Video y Cine Contemporáneo, 2016 – Mexico 7th Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius, 2015 – Italy / Lithuania 03 Videoakt – International Videoart Biennial, 2014 – Spain VideoFest2K14 – Bienal Internacional de Video y Cine Contemporáneo, 2014 – Mexico 3éme Biennale Méditerranéenne d’Art Contemporain d\’Oran, 2014 – Algeria 2ª Biennale Internazionale del Libro d\’Artista, 2013 – Italy 2ª Biennale del Libro d\’Artista, 2012 – Italy VIII International Festival of Experimental Art, 2010 – Russia Fairs Paratissima XII, 2016 – Torino Esposizioni – Turin, Italy 17th International Vilnius Book Fair, 2016 – Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO – Vilnius, Lithuania Solo exhibitions artists and the caveman, 2017 – Performance, Genoa, Italy all rods lead to Rome, 2016 – Itinerant performance, Rome, Italy The Italian Jobless, 2014 – Itinerant performance, Turin, Italy rewilding a plum tree, 2014 – Itinerant performance, Genoa, Italy nothing happened, 2012 – Sala Severini, Centro Sant\’Agostino – Cortona, Italy europawns, 2012 – Internet, Belgium nothing happened, 2011 – Ca\’ Annelise – Venice, Italy Critical mEss, 2011 – Torre Saracena – Zoagli, Italy Recent group exhibitions Disaster – WADEM Congress, 2017 – Toronto, Canada Sofia Underground International Performance Art Festival, 2017 – National Palace of Culture – Sofia, Bulgaria BAU 14 – Contenitore di Cultura Contemporanea, 2017 – Viareggio, Italy Frammenti d\’Amore, 2017 – Galleria Domus Romana – Rome, Italy Intermediaciones – III muestra de videoarte & video experimental, 2016 – La Pascasia – Medellín, Colombia Der Einzelhandel ist mit dem Weihnachtsgeschäft zufrieden, 2016 – Group Global 3000 – Berlin, Germany ELATE MEMORIES, 2016 – Lavagna, Italy 75 second film awards – Amy Johnson Festival 2016 – Hull, England ART-MAP – Re-Cognition, 2016 – Ponte de Lima, Portugal Urban Research 2016 – 48 Stunden Neukölln – Berlin, Germany Proceso de Error 2016 – 3º Festival Internacional de Video Experimental, Sala Cine Internado – Valparaiso, Chile Fabled Mechanisms – The Southern Theater – Minneapolis, U.S.A. Obsolescenza Programmata, 2016 – LX Premio di Arte Contemporanea Basilio Cascella, Ortona, Italy PERCORSI, 2016 – Torre dei Doganieri – Sestri Levante, Italy SNO 119, 2015 – Sydney Non Objective Centre – Sydney, Australia. Artist Website

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Athens, Greece)

Soul mechanisms/ Journey in the sky (duration 27:42 min)

Watch: 14th May at 10pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: The piece is a reflection on the situation where two entities are in perfect communication even when the physical or real contact is not always enabled. It is a story of a man and a woman who are connected with an extremely strong bound. They share tension and passion in a love-and-hate relationship while both of them suspend in an intangible and dreamy world. The bodies create a physical interpretation of this relationship and the dancers are using their own physical conditions to develop a movement language able to represent this idea.

BIO: Created by Anastasia Brouzioti in 2011. The pieces that the company has presented so far the company are “Wish” (2012), “A true story “(2013), “Moving Picture” (2014), “Race to grace” (2015), “Soul Mechanisms / Journey in the sky ‘(2016), “Infinity Room Dear” (2017). The pieces “A true story” and “Race to grace” have been awarded by the International Choreography Competition in Madrid in 2013 and 2015 respectively. The company has participated in national and international festivals and in 2016 the piece “Race to grace” had been chosen by the festival organization «Red de Cielo abierto» to tour in Spain. Currently the company is in the process of a new piece, called «Home», for which had been awarded with the first prize in the competition festival “ln Progress Feedback Festival 2017” (Athens, Greece). Artist Website


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