ARTISTS – day 2, 21st Oct 2016

Nicola Fornoni

(Brescia, Italy)


(duration 120min)

Watch on 21st  October at 10:00 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: I am for two hours naked on the cold hard floor. In the dark, at night I discover a new perception of time, the mind and body.

BIO: Nicola Fornoni borns in the 1990 in Italy. During these four years, he exhibits and performs in many cities of italy and the world: Bogotà, Belo Horizonte, Milano, Bergamo, Jakarta, Dijon ect. He collaborated with great performance italian artits. Recently he selected to Eject- festival of videoperformance in Mexico City. artist website


Chuck Chaney

(Westford, MA, USA)


(duration 20 min)

Watch on  21st October at 3:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Selecting from available objects, primarily organic in nature, I will work with them to extract there essence and any memory this recalls. Shrouded in a translucent nest, ultimately revealing the form.

BIO: Chuck Chaney\’s studio practice has fused his photographic background with a performance foreground, to produce projects which envoke a sense of presence or the memory of presence in each of his projects. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in photography, and a Master of Fine Arts in studio art with a concentration in performance. Chuck was born in Alaska and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2008 he founded a summer artist residency in Alaska, The Homestead AK. artist website


Erika Dedini

(Portland, OR, USA)

More or Less

(duration 10 min)

Watch on  21st October at 4:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Women in the United States must endure innumerable unreasonable expectations on our bodies and behaviors. In private, we are expected to prepare ourselves for the trespassing of the public. In this performance, I will invite the public into a most private space: my shower. I will shave the hair from my legs until it is no longer a part of my body. I will exit my shower with less of my self, questioning the assumption that what remains could somehow be more “feminine.”

BIO: Erika Dedini is a female artist working in a variety of mediums. Her work ranges from poetry to performance to drawing. Her concepts both derive from and point to the magic in the mundane aspects of everyday life, as well as issues of identity, technology, the natural world and mental illness.


Lucrezia Palandri

(Florence, Italy)


(duration 10 min)

Watch on 21st October at 5:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: A human self is a diachronic and layered identity built for the most part by memory. In each of us coexist an experiential memory, which is personal and unique, and a cultural memory, which is collective and shared. One is lived, the other is learned. “Souvenirs” aims at investigating the repetition technique as a way to recreate the certainty of something known. Is it really possible to do so? Would it be a shelter or rather a cage? The project focuses on the interplay between memory, space and time, exploring the ways in which memories may be created, formed and informed by spatial and temporal contexts.

BIO: Dancer and choreographer, trained at Opus Ballet in Florence. She also attended several workshops and classes all around Europe and United States with, among others, Trisha Brown Dance Company, Hofesh Shecter, Yuval Pick, Simone Forti, Julyen Hamilton, David Zambrano, Kirstie Simson, Michael Schumacher, Jeremy Nelson, Charlie Morrissey, German Jauregui, Charlotte Zerbey, Alessandro Certini, Elena Giannotti, Jos Baker. She worked for Meltin Pot by Lisa Brasile, Impronte Hip Hop Dance Company by Endro Bartoli, Produzioni Teatrali Paolo Poli, Samuele Cardini, Sharon Estacio, Massimo Barzagli, Luisa Cortesi, Tan Temel, Maligrad dance company. She took part in educational and performative projects held by Shen Wei Dance Arts and Dewey Dell in collaboration with Fabbrica Europa Festival and Paolo Grassi School of Drama. She is the co-founder of the artistic collective David and the Dreamers, characterized by a multidisciplinary approach to the performance. In 2014 she performed for Marina Abramović at Fondation Beyeler (CH). Since 2012 she has been working actively with Marina Giovannini (former Virgilio Sieni company), dancing in important venues as Venice Biennale and Romaeuropa Festival. Since 2016 she has been dancing for Mosè Risaliti/Kirillov (I) and Alyssandra Katherine Dance Project (US). Her first solo work Souvenirs has been presented in several venues in the United States. As vice president of the cultural association Spichisi, she is the curator of projects and events mixing visual and digital art, electronic music, cinema. She holds a PhD in Arts & Law from the University of Florence.



(Dresden, Germany / Sofia,Bulgaria)

Observar Cuervos

(duration 16 min)

Watch on 21st October at 6:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: “Observar Cuervos” is a multimedia project including live music, two videos and two canvas. On stage are three artist communicating through music, dancing, painting into a performance that is no longer than 16 min. The performance is influenced by the idea of energy transformation in the nature and the will of a human sometimes to control and through technology the process of re-birth and to become a bird.

BIO: The Performance is cooperation between a Musician, Painter and Video Artist. Christian Herpich, Olga Yocheva and Desislava Tsoneva already worked together at the Probuzhdane/Awakening Performnace at 25.05.2015 in Dresden and than one more time at 18.12.2015 at Observar Cuervos. The mix between live electronic music, performance, paintings and video-art was welcome from the audience of Dresden with great enthusiasm. Olga and Desislava performed in April 2016 in The International Sofia Underground Festival. As a part of the Art in Action Association Sofia both had participate in plenty of festivals and exhibition in Bulgaria and Europe. Christian Herpich is a composer and musician and publisher his project under the name “Me & Herp”. He works in the sphere of experimental electronic music and is performing live/ possible with accompanier of guitar or bass guitar in “Observar Cuervos”. artist website


Indira Montoya

(Córdoba, Argentina)

Formas de medir la distancia XVI: Relevar una sombra. (Ways to measure distance XVI: Take up one shadow)

(duration 20 min)

Watch on  21st October at 7:00 pm UTC   Rescheduled for 22nd October at 3pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: On my bed, a silhouette of a body that’s not mine. Try to take up this shadow, occupy it, corrode it, with my body. Reshape it.

BIO: Indira Montoya Born in Córdoba, Argentina. Studied Communication Arts, and later photography and visual arts with Remo Bianchedi, Soledad Sánchez Goldar, Aníbal Buede, Lucas di Pascuale, Gabriela Halac, Fabhio di Camozzi and Guillermo Gómez Peña. She is the director of online platform Works as performer and writer, with latest solo exhibition in Museo Genaro Pérez, in Córdoba. Has performed in Argentina and Perú and her visual work has toured in Canada, United States, Germany among other countries in several collective exhibitions. Her work involves long processes where time and repetition are the key factors of research. Each series of works starts with an artists book where she starts developing concept, techniques, materials and possibilities. artist website


Sonya Levin

(Berlin, Germany)

The Day Before

(duration 12 min)

Watch on  21st October at 8:00 pm UTCRescheduled for Sunday 23rd Oct

DESCRIPTION: The Day Before is nostalgia. It is a balance between very dry choreography and highly emotional nostalgic mood. The research of the piece was based on gesture language and the context that changes the meaning of each action. Dealing with expectations and specific structure choices this piece becomes clear and very personal expression. Mainly inspired by the simplicity of the whole.

BIO: Sonya Levin is a choreographer, dancer and performer, graduated from «SEAD» (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance), she collaborated as a performer and a choreographer with various international artists, such as Trajal Harrel, Diego Gil, Marcela Giesche, «Po.V.S.Tanze», «BDDC», «Monkey Production» and other dance companies. Since 2008 she creates her own choreographic works: «Blackout» (2008), «The Superman\’s Last Supper» (2009), «Leck Mich Im Arsch» (2010), «The Game Has No Name» (2011), «The Day Before» (2010), «left I – right I» (2012), «Morning Glory» (2015). Some of them were presented at international dance festivals: «Tanztage» Berlin festival, «Züricher Theater Spektakel», «Lucky Trimmer» Berlin festival, «100 Grad Berlin Festival», «BE Festival» (Birmingham), «NET» National Theater Festival (Moscow), «Plums fest» (Moscow), International Performance Festival «PAD» (Mainz) and others. Since 2009 Sonya Levin works as a choreographer at drama theaters, such as «Chekhov Moscow Art Theater», «Pushkin Theater», «Theatre.DOC», «Center of Dramatic Art and Direction» and «Praktika Theater» (Moscow), «BallhausOst Theater» (Berlin), «Künstlerhaus» (Salzburg), «Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus». Sonya is awarded with the «Best Performer in Dance» for the piece «The Day Before» at «ACT Festival» in Bilbao (2012), DanceWEB scholarship (2013), «The Golden Mask» – the main Russian National Theatre Award for the piece «Cinderella» (2015). artist website


Lindsey Allgood

(Roseburg, OR, USA)

Illustrated Recipes

(duration 20 min)

Watch on  21st October  at 11pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Illustrated Recipes is a series of short clips or scenes during which I interact with food, domestic objects, and biological materials. I function simultaneously as a cook, surgeon, and alchemist. I use wine, cake, a fish bowl, roses, a roasted chicken, thread, ceramic plates, bowls, a syringe, medical tubing, and apples. Before each scene, I present a title of the scene that is a play on words, introducing a poetic element to the piece. The materials are presented on the screen in an elegant array surrounding me. Each scene weaves into the next, offering an abstract narrative that presents a fanciful, bizarre tea party.

BIO: Lindsey Allgood is a performance and video artist originally from Oklahoma, USA. her work offers living portraits of bodily transformation in ways that navigate a poetics of feminine phenomena. She is intrigued by moments of transition: when beauty becomes ugliness; when clean becomes dirty; and when gentle turns aggressive. Her work is a mixture of the theatrical, evocative, and image making, a cooking of metaphor. Allgood has performed and exhibited video works in Toronto, Amsterdam, Seoul, Tijuana, St. Petersburg, and across the U.S. She has curated multi-media and performance events in Toronto and in Tulsa, OK. Allgood currently teaches art in Oregon. She received her MFA in Art, Technology, and Culture from the University of Oklahoma. artist website


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