ARTISTS – day 3, 22nd Oct 2016


(Melbourne, Australia)


(duration 8 min)

Watch on 22nd October at 00:00 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: A Plasticus performance is an improvised, spontaneous business. It seems to continuously career out of control and respond to the contingencies of the moment, including the disposition of audience members, the physical constraints of the architecture, the temperature in the room and the moods of the performers. the heart of the work however are longstanding traditions of aesthetic and philosophical debate about the nature of art and identity. Plasticus belongs to this line of thinking, not only in their messy blurring of art media but also in the guerilla tactics whereby they refuse traditional ideals of female presentation on stage while they trample on established notions of what is true and beautiful in art and theatre. By making fun of themselves as performers and us as audience with gentle clown-like humour, and by contravening the purity of the disciplines in which they work with their anarchic and rollicking approach, Plasticus introduce us to a world where the terms of debate about creativity and the human body have been unshackled from the constraints imposed by traditional conceptions of art.

BIO: Vanessa White is a visual artist based in Melbourne. Her practise hybridises visual art, animation and performance art practices, more recently White collaborates with performance artists, creating highly energetic work focusing on bodily perception. White graduated with a Batchelor of Visual Arts and Post Graduate Diploma of Animation from the VCA; Masters, Sydney College of the Arts (2010), has trained and performs Body Weather, Butoh and Burlesque. Exhibitions and performances include Walker St Gallery (Melbourne), Firstdraft (Sydney), FELTspace ARI (Adelaide), Rubicon ARI (Melbourne), Queen St Studio (Sydney), Art & About Festival (Sydney), Red Room QAG (Brisbane), was artist in residence at Bundanon Trust (2014) and awarded Australia Council, Art Start grant (2012). Carolyn Hanna is a Melbourne based performer and co-artistic director of physical theatre company ‘Born in Taxi’ since 1996 and co founder Squeeeze Street Theatre Company. Trained in mime, physical theatre, clowning and street theatre she has been performing, devising, directing and teaching for the last 17 years. Performing with Compagnie de Sablier (France), Squeeeze and The Other Tongue Theatre Company, she has toured the world. In Melbourne she directed the Green Room Award nominated production Homunculus, (performed at La Mama and Malthouse Theatre in 2005). Joining Born in a Taxi in 1996 Hanna also developed interdisciplinary performance and visual arts program for children, ‘Blanc’, ArtPlay, Birrarung Marr (Melbourne). artist website


Dragan Strunjaš

(Belgrade, Serbia)


(duration 15 min)

Watch on 22nd October at 1:30 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: Nightlife is a search for daily life during the night of a city. Does a city has a personal life of its own or is it determined only by its inhabitants? Is the city alive, just like us, and we do not have time to notice? The performance searches for the soul of the city, opposing it to the everyday  life.

BIO: Dragan Strunjas is architect from Belgrade. He focuses on contemporary issues of cities and society, their mutual interaction and visually researches different possibilities of architecture, its presentation and effects to people. Among other  participated Month of Performance Art Berlin, Alto fest Napoli, B Tour Berlin, Faki Zagreb, Walk with the Artist Belgrade. artist website


Jelena Jezdovic

(Belgrade, Serbia)

Time for Myself

(duration 1 min)

Watch on 22nd October at 2:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: in the time of a rush there is a need for deep breath in and breath out. keep on breathing. while you can. work in progress. Life Scripts residency, October 2015

BIO: Jelena Jezdović, 1979, performer, anthropologist, theatre trainer, director, REACH founder, project manager, member of Plavo theatre Studio–Contemporary Theatre Laboratory.


Indira Montoya

(Córdoba, Argentina)

Formas de medir la distancia XVI: Relevar una sombra. (Ways to measure distance XVI: Take up one shadow)

(duration 20 min)

Watch on   22nd October at 3pm UTC (rescheduled from yesterday)

DESCRIPTION: On my bed, a silhouette of a body that’s not mine. Try to take up this shadow, occupy it, corrode it, with my body. Reshape it.

BIO: Indira Montoya Born in Córdoba, Argentina. Studied Communication Arts, and later photography and visual arts with Remo Bianchedi, Soledad Sánchez Goldar, Aníbal Buede, Lucas di Pascuale, Gabriela Halac, Fabhio di Camozzi and Guillermo Gómez Peña. She is the director of online platform Works as performer and writer, with latest solo exhibition in Museo Genaro Pérez, in Córdoba. Has performed in Argentina and Perú and her visual work has toured in Canada, United States, Germany among other countries in several collective exhibitions. Her work involves long processes where time and repetition are the key factors of research. Each series of works starts with an artists book where she starts developing concept, techniques, materials and possibilities. artist website


Karla Hospodarska

(Paris, France)


(duration 90 min)

 Watch on 22nd October at 4:00 pm UTC – recording of the performance -on 23rd Oct at 1 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: My happening deals with question about individuality language , freedom of expression and its relationship to place that is connected with anonymous behaviour.
For the moment I realized my performance on different for me symbolic places : Paris, Prague, Auschwitz. How do we perceive these places? Do we appropriate them? Are we identified with them? Or is it only an anonymous tourist attraction? 
What trace do we leave there? 
 I become the part of these places .
During my performance I\’m sitting on the chair with covered eyes and with pens or markers tied up on my body. There is a message written on my hand: «I have come to a place to find my own trace in the crowd »
(And it is mainly this sentence which characterises the main idea of my happening)
 I\’m especially interested in the reactions of passers-by, mainly because they have free will to react to my presence. I´m living being but covered in anonymity and so I give them chance to express themselves. I become the piece of art. People´s reaction are different, it depends on the place and time. Majority doesn´t have any similar possibility to meet the art so close (face to face) 
. The main purpose of my performance is to pursuit them to ask question how they will react.
 It is about question of anonymity, respect and reflection of our attitudes to place, events that happened here and intern identification of this place.

BIO: I was born in the Czech Republic where I studied fine arts and drama courses there. When I graduated from my high school and obtained my graduation in fine arts, I decided to go and live in France.
 I continued to study the fine art on University of Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux III .
 More and more interested in the dramatic arts, I entered the Bordeaux National Conservatory where,I specialized to the field of scenography and staging.
 I created there the scenography projects: «Berlin,ton danseur est la mort» by Enzo Cormann and «Medea»by Euripides. 
The visual support and the theme of subliminal images were very important in my work.
 « What is important is almost invisible »
 Photo installation « Metamorphosis » in 2015 is about changing views on the present reality and my installation « The Glory Machine » in 2016 inspired by the text of Viliers d’Isle Adam and Schopenhauer is about the topic how people are affected by the words without much thinking.
 Last year I created the cycle of performing art which is called « YOUR PLACE »
 The concept of symbolism , the sacred, the profane and the space in between represent the guidelines of my current productions.
 artist website


 Corporal Outis


TK Tea Reader

(duration 60 min)

Watch on 22nd  October at 6:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Stormtrooper from Star Wars. People will be able to sign up to participate ahead of time via my website ( During my hour, I will continuously broadcast a live video of me sitting in a chair, dressed as a Stormtrooper, via my computer. This is the shot that will be sent directly to the Online Performance website. I will also have my phone set up to Skype. The people who signed up ahead of time will Skype in when it is their time, and we will both drink some tea (I will drink through a straw that goes through a hole in my helmet). When they are done drinking, they will show me their tea leaves over the Skype, and I will predict their future using classic Cold-Reading and Barnum-Effect techniques. I will then move on to the next participant.

BIO: Corporal Outis, an otherworldly figure in shiny white sci-fi armor, has performed at festivals and everyday locations in North America and internationally, including Visualeyez (Canada), Dimanche Rouge (Finland and Estonia), the Performance Arcade (New Zealand), and Stage the Future 2 (Arizona State University). He usually appears just to see what other people are doing, provide some advice on their inner emotional lives, and occasionally stalk a person or two. Corporal Outis also does a variety of guerilla, at-large performances across his home state of New York. As a servant of the Empire, he is dedicated to providing a public good in whatever way he can. artist website


Annasara Yderstedt

(Stavanger, Norway)

Though she be but little, she is fierce

(duration 7 min)

Watch on 22nd October at 7:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: One of my closest friends died suddenly and very unexpectedly in November, 2014. She was a young and promising dancer and the piece is dedicated to her memory. Dance was a natural part of her life. I’ll never forget the first time I saw her dance on a stage. Her expression was completely unique and when she was on a stage, although she was a tiny girl, not even the tallest could outshine her! The piece is inspired by her movement language, by some of her favourite quotes about life and by the qualities I associate with her and our friendship. It shows a glimpse of her to an audience that has never seen or heard of her. Our world lost a talented dancer who had a wonderful dance career ahead of her. I hope she can see it from heaven where she is dancing with the angels.

BIO: Annasara Yderstedt is a choreographer, dancer, and teacher based in Stavanger, Norway, originally from Malmö, Sweden. She finished her bachelor\’s degree in dance and pedagogy at the University of Stavanger in 2014, where she also studied one semester abroad at SUNY Brockport, USA. Since graduating she has worked freelance for several projects around the world including USA, Germany and Namibia. During her studies she worked with choreographers such as Rui Lopes Graça, Jarek Cemerek, Tony Vezich and James Hansen and performed in venues including Sandnes kulturhus, Stavanger konserthus, Rochester Hartwell Dance Theater and Hochstein School of Music & Dance. Annasara has also danced with Avensis, KidZ Dance Crew, Sandnes Opera- og OperetteKompani, SB Produksjoner, OYO Dance Troupe and Mariah Maloney. Her choreographies have been showcased at Moderna Dansteatern, Dansehallerne, Monroe Community Hospital, Stavanger Open, Gand kirke, IMPULS, Dalsnuten and Kulturhuset in Oslo. Currently, Annasara works as a teacher and administrator at Steps Dansestudio and also coordinates professional training in the region through PRODA Rogaland. Annasara\’s passion is exploring dance as a communicative tool without language barriers to bring people together across cultures, differences and preferences. artist website


Sandra Bozic

(Belgrade, Serbia)

You will never see you

(duration 20 min)

Watch on 22nd October at 8:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: The only thing that you can never ever see in your life is yourself, the only thing that I will never ever see in my life is myself.

BIO: Sandra Bozic is freelance performance artist. Her professional work is based on performance art with realization of over 20 author performances all over the world. Her performances  participated in international exhibitions, conferences and performance art festivals in Hannover, Naples, Berlin, Istanbul, Zagreb, Mostar, Sarajevo and Belgrade. She realized several solo exhibitions. artist website


The Involved Stage

(Leiden, Netherlands)


(duration 5 min)

Watch on 22nd October at 9:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: ‘Separation’ addresses a particular way in which loneliness is experienced by the international community in The Netherlands. The production was executed in two steps. First, a focus group session was held with expats in order to understand the semantic nuances of being lonely as an existential condition. The interaction was recorded and served as the starting point of the creative labour. Second, an interconnected series of performances was staged as to reflect on those meaning. \’Separation\’ is one such dimension of loneliness, uncovered during the conversation with the expats, and brought to presence on stage through a solo performance that combines physical actions and musical gestures in the absence of the spoken word.

BIO: The Involved Stage is a performing arts project that aims to identify and address social issues by aesthetic means. The idea is to tackle real problems at the heart of the community to which artists and audiences belong, in awareness of art’s potential as a mode of social engagement, yet attentive to the individual nuances of every collective experience. The initiative proposes critical interventions based on performance and participatory art, whereby everyone involved can ponder and act upon her or his collective situation. This initiative unfolds in cooperation with the seminar ‘Art & Social Engagement’ taught at Webster University The Netherlands as part of the Global Citizenship Programme. In this regard, The Involved Stage serves the double purpose of contributing to the student’s education via critical reflection and practical training as well as contributing to the societal well-being of our community. The performance (stage and music), as well as the seminar at Webster, are created and conducted by Carlos M. Roos, artist and scholar from Venezuela living in The Netherlands with 20 years of experience in the scenic arts. artist website  /  artist website


Maya Dance Theatre


Resist, Resurge :Traces of Hope

(duration 55 minutes)

Watch on 22nd October at 10:00 pm UTC – Rescheduled for Sunday

DESCRIPTION: RESIST, RESURGE: Traces of Hope was a physical and emotional contemporary dance theatre piece, which investigates the passion and frustration behind stereotyping bodies and gender. Choreographed and co-directed by Maya Dance Theatre’s artistic director, Kavitha Krishnan, and Lester Horton award- winning choreographer, Olivier Tarpaga (USA/ Burkina Faso). Olivier and Kavitha began the process of the work with MDT dancers last December for 03 weeks with the intent of utilizing dance as a medium to question, share, resist, defend and debate on popular stereotypes; and one stereotype which both felt deeply about was the empowerment of women. Forged from an eclectic body of expressions, Olivier and Kavitha go beyond forms to connect in this vibrant and meaningful creation that expounds stereotyping bodies, culture, and gender. ‘” Many times it seems as though the artist will certainly have a say to every single drop of energy on stage; but sometime dance must just be danced; sometimes dance is theatre too. I don’t always breath when I speak but I can dance when I breathe and breath my movements in space.” says the choreographer, Olivier Tarpaga. “I do like to speak when I dance, I dance so I am. I dance my words and speak with my body because once you have tested the sweetness of peace; it is almost impossible to return to war.” adds Olivier Tarpaga. MDT collaborated with Olivier Tarpaga to also address the value of dance in making new connections and friendships through this dance theatre production. We hope to also bring this works to US and to other international stages in the future.

BIO: Founded in 2007 by dance artists, Kavitha Krishnan and Juraimy Abu Bakar and Company Manager, Imran Manaff, Maya Dance Theatre is a non-profit dance company, which has carved out a niche for itself in the Singapore dance scene. Maya Dance Theatre conceives a brand of movement that preserves the ethos of Asian Dance while seamlessly melding it with a contemporary aesthetic – an aesthetic that is grounded in the visceral nature of the human spirit. Definitive and growing, Maya Dance Theatre embarks on bold explorations and collaborations with partners whose artistry and practice enable us to push our boundaries beyond form to a unique artistic narrative. Apart from producing and presenting productions, Maya Dance Theatre also works with several community initiatives and community partners. ‘’With essence of tradition, emotion and exploration as the main tenets of the company; the journey has just begun…Maya Dance Theatre has built a distinctive identity over the years with its cross-cultural collaborations and integration of Asian traditional dance forms with contemporary dance’’. – The Flying Inkpot, Singapore Maya Dance Theatre continues to work across boundaries. We evolve through cross-trainings rooted in Asian and contemporary Dance practice. artist website


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