ARTISTS – day 4, 23rd Oct 2016


(New York, USA)


(duration 60 min)

Watch on 23rd October at 0:00 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: A live freeform expression of music and spoken word, with input from callers to 1-800-Weirdos and friends of – improvisational and interactive – the WEIRDEST SHOW EVER! Live interactive international improvisational musical multimedia mash-ups! Spectators can call 800-934-7367 or Skype weirdos999 to be on the air!

BIO: Jeremy X. Halpern is the creator of 1-800-Weirdos and host of \”Weirdos.TV\”, and has masterminded such epic productions as \”Battle of the Dead Celebs\”, and \”Speak of the Devil – A Satanic Cabaret”. He recently co-directed \”Pretençión\” at the Elektra Theatre (inside Times Scare), and served as the musical director for Chris Tanner\’s \”The Etiquette of Death\” (which closed LaMama\’s 50th season). He is also the executive producer of the mind-controlled levitation ride (also the World\’s largest bio-feedback machine), xxxy\’s \”The Ascent\”. artist website


Theresa Magario tm

(Rosarito, Mexico)


(duration 15 min)

Watch on 23rd October at 1:00 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: hardunderwire is a performance installation interpreting the artist’s outsider experiences living in the current Baja California / California border culture. Use of found local street art creates a space of bilingual confusion and paranoia. These sheets were originally hung on fences along the major roadways by an anonymous tagger. Repetitious action and surreal behaviors are exhibited as a translation of the pervasive, contradictory messages flooding the artist daily existence.

BIO: Stemming from the non-performative visual arts and poetry writing, Massachusetts native Theresa Magario tm improbably found her way onto stage through art modeling and performance art in NYC. She intensively studied performance at CAVE Home of LEIMAY from 2008-2012 under the instruction of many teachers renowned in their fields of practice such as butoh and noguchi taiso. These include Ko Murobushi, Akira Kasai, Yukio Waguri, Tadashi Endo, Atsushi Takenouchi, Mari Osenai, Imre Thormann. Theresa Magario tm is currently exploring and developing a body of solo work and collaborating with interdisciplinary artist. artist website


 Scot Cotterell

(Hobart, Tasmania)

No Input

(duration 30 min)

Watch on 23rd October at 11:00 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: \’no input\’ is a form of sound involving mixer feedback. Outputs taken from an audio mixer are fed back into the inputs of the same mixer, creating a contained semi-controllable feedback system. Strictly speaking, there is an \’input\’, it is the mixer itself. Each different model and make of mixer exhibits unique sound characteristics and depending on the complexity of the mixer and patch, virtually \’unlearnable\’ instruments can arise. The performance consists of a close-up camera that follows the performers hand gestures and projects the output into the performance space. This visual focus allows an insight into the precision and dexterity involved in controlling the system linking machinic and limbic trait

BIO: Scot Cotterell (b.1979) is an Australian born young inter-disciplinary artist known for his works concerned with the experience of mediated environments. His work uses mixtures of sound, video, images and objects in gallery and live contexts to create experiences that reflect upon cultural phenomena. artist website


Jos Rosier

(Almere, the Netherlands)


(duration:  9 min)

Watch on 23rd October at 12:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: The work contains a mix of bodypaint, music, Butoh atmosphere, movement/improvisation art. Blend.Bleed.Close? deals with the double standards many people have, the masks they wear. It tells a storiy of trust and mistrust, of fighting back lashing out). It is a rich and full blend of emotions and feelings about how people treat eachother, how they hurt eachother, how they make others pay and bleed for faults and mistakes. This work is highly autobiographical and tries to find answers for questions like “Why do we hurt others, why do we treat people this way?”.

BIO: Most of my creative work contains improvisational, impulsive and performative expressions, triggered by personal stories, views, beliefs and insights. These mainly autobiographical works are channeled through movements, words, imagerie, mixed media, objects, specific sites, live actions… I aim to free myself as much as possible from structures and systems, continuously searching for creative freedom, for alternate perspectives and unknown paths. These expressions are transformations of body and soul, registrations and documentations of the world as I see and experience it. Expect me anywhere, because this is what I do Jos Rosier – performance art, improvisations, visual|poetry Based in Almere, the Netherlands. Specialties: martial arts (Wado Ryu Karate), Yoga and Taijiquan teacher. Active in performance art, instant composition, movement art & improvisation since 2005. artist website


Veronika Nicolaeva

(Moscow, Russia)

“Do not Know!” from the series “The slaughter”

(duration 20 min)

Watch on 23rd October at 1:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Man does not want to know how to cleverly manipulated. He consciously but mostly without even analyzing the falls in the overall illusion imposed preferences, images, cast in a specially elevated and even inspirational colors. Paper bag is in the performance attribute of man\’s desire to buy more and a symbol of \”the package of human consciousness\” in some simple form. The whole science built in order to sell any product, to make a man a slave, obedient, predictable. The author is in front of suite of paper bags, strung on a long metal rod (BBQ imitation). 7 pieces of packages hanging upside down. Each of them is written the phrase, which is the advertising slogan of a certain world-famous company. Author in turn puts on the head of each packet (without removing it from the metal bar) and performs actions with it, so to embody the meaning of the slogan in his own sarcastic interpretation. Phrases written on the package, read together constitute one sentence with a definite meaning, which permeates the entire performance. Shape rectangular packages, the color is one that emphasizes the visual limitations and the monotony of \”head replacement\”. The number of packets may be any, as the meaning of the common phrases are not lost because of the new slogans.

BIO: Born in Saratov (Russia) to the evil of the Divine-an artistic family. Draw the start very early. Exhibition activity since 1985, including as part of the «Yellow Mountain», Saratov. Since 1993 years- participated in exhibitions at the fairgrounds with the creative team. Individual projects, performances with theater groups. theater show project for the casino «Conti», the development of scenography. Works in the field of book and magazine illustrations. (Publishing house «Young Petersburg» organization «Creative Union of Youth», publishing house «Peter», magazine «World Internet», «BYTE»). Working in design studios and publishing houses in St. Petersburg and Moscow as a graphic designer. Participation in the International Biennial of Graphic Design and illustration competitions. It was rated the best designers of Russia in 2009. «TOP – 100» Participation in exhibitions as part of the abstract section of the Russian Union of Artists and individually. Publications work in international art magazines and catalogs on contemporary art in Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, the USA and Great Britain. Playing cards, developed from concept to design, are in the collection of the Museum of Cards in Petergof and private collections and virtual museums around the world. Her paintings are in private collections in Russia, Sweden, Germany, UK. Author of a number of performances and club shows. artist website


Nadine Karl


Drop it like it’s Katholizismus.

(duration 30 min)

Watch on 23rd October at 2:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: It’a about Fetish Love atmosphere and religious rites. The Play between these themes. Backround Music: Catholic Music (around the time of Renaissance) s

BIO: Studying Set Sculpturing in Leipzig. Before: Wasted my time with things like house projects, travelling, jobs for a living and searched for the truth-never found it (or i have seen it and it doesn’t make sense).


Do’O performance company

(Tel-Aviv, Israel)


(duration:  30 min)

Watch on 23rd October at 3:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Our performance is based on mutual listening, a dialogue between sound and form, between music and structure, composition and movement. The form or the shape is the result of movement and there can not be movement without time and therefor the shape and time together create rhythm. The sound is also about time and continuity, and these four elements create an equation of movement=shape=rhythm=sound which is the basis of our work. Our performance is inspired, among other things, by free multi stylistic music, contemporary art and action painting, as it is also inspired by traditions from the Jewish culture (Kabbalah) as well as Taoism and Zen Buddhism.

BIO: Gershon Waiserfirer is a musician collaborating with painter Alex Kremer and dancer Ryo Takenoshita, and we are a performance company called Do\’O performance company. We are all leading artists, each one in his own field. Alex Kremer was born in 1966 in Tajikistan and immigrated to Israel in 1982. He has a BA from Bezalel school of art in Jerusalem and MA from University of Haifa. He held numerous exhibitions in Galleries and museums in Israel and europe. Ryo Takenoshita is a Japanese dancer living in Israel and myself Gershon Waiserfirer, I was born in Tajikistan in 1972 immigrated to Israel in 1980. playing music all around the world with leading figures in the field of improvised music as well as other styles.


Ancient Tribes

(Cork, Ireland)


(duration 10 min)

Watch on 23rd October at 4:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: I am calling this short piece of mine \”Cascade\”, to reflect my stream of consciousness and inspiration. It will be a ten minute performance piece, live from Cork City in the Republic of Ireland. My dance is informed by Butoh Dance and New Dance principles. I will work with different imagery as an impetus to create new fresh dance and movement. I will begin with the image of one cell, and proceed to improvise from there; and see where it goes. What is the beginning of a new life form? Where does it begin? What is developmental? One cell, so small, so unique. We are composed of billions of cells. All energy moves.  Where to ????? Disperse .. Evolve

BIO: I was born in Cork City, Republic of Ireland. Since then, i have travelled the world, and I have been exposed to many different cultures, and because of this; I have become a very adaptable person. For me, Butoh dance is an international and universal language for expression. I devise new choreographies, and work through embodied improvisation. I am also fully trained in other forms of dance, such as classical and contemporary, and hip hop. artist website


Sonya Levin

(Berlin, Germany)

The Day Before

(duration 12 min)

Watch on  23rd October at 5:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: The Day Before is nostalgia. It is a balance between very dry choreography and highly emotional nostalgic mood. The research of the piece was based on gesture language and the context that changes the meaning of each action. Dealing with expectations and specific structure choices this piece becomes clear and very personal expression. Mainly inspired by the simplicity of the whole.

BIO: Sonya Levin is a choreographer, dancer and performer, graduated from «SEAD» (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance), she collaborated as a performer and a choreographer with various international artists, such as Trajal Harrel, Diego Gil, Marcela Giesche, «Po.V.S.Tanze», «BDDC», «Monkey Production» and other dance companies. Since 2008 she creates her own choreographic works: «Blackout» (2008), «The Superman\’s Last Supper» (2009), «Leck Mich Im Arsch» (2010), «The Game Has No Name» (2011), «The Day Before» (2010), «left I – right I» (2012), «Morning Glory» (2015). Some of them were presented at international dance festivals: «Tanztage» Berlin festival, «Züricher Theater Spektakel», «Lucky Trimmer» Berlin festival, «100 Grad Berlin Festival», «BE Festival» (Birmingham), «NET» National Theater Festival (Moscow), «Plums fest» (Moscow), International Performance Festival «PAD» (Mainz) and others. Since 2009 Sonya Levin works as a choreographer at drama theaters, such as «Chekhov Moscow Art Theater», «Pushkin Theater», «Theatre.DOC», «Center of Dramatic Art and Direction» and «Praktika Theater» (Moscow), «BallhausOst Theater» (Berlin), «Künstlerhaus» (Salzburg), «Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus». Sonya is awarded with the «Best Performer in Dance» for the piece «The Day Before» at «ACT Festival» in Bilbao (2012), DanceWEB scholarship (2013), «The Golden Mask» – the main Russian National Theatre Award for the piece «Cinderella» (2015). artist website


Melanie Manos

(Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

The He Said She Said Puree

(duration 10 min)

Watch on 23rd October at 6:00 pm UTC 

DESCRIPTION: A satirical look at the sad state of response (or lack thereof) toward women who step forward with stories of sexual assault and harassment.

BIO: Melanie Manos is an interdisciplinary artist working in performance, video, print and installation. Recent exhibitions include Museum London, Ontario, 2016 and the Zuckerman Museum, Atlanta, 2015. In 2014 Manos was a MacDowell Art Colony Fellow, and Visual Artist-in- Residence at the UCross Foundation. Other recent performances/exhibitions include venues in Los Angeles, London, Brooklyn, and Detroit. In 2013 Manos presented her work at Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan, and was Artist-in-Residence at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture creating work addressing the body and the built environment. In the late 90’s she performed in Los Angeles as a founding member of the duo Too Much Girl in venues as varied as public museums, private art schools, and rock clubs. Manos collaborates with Sarah Buckius as The ManosBuckius Cooperative. MBC videos have appeared in video and electronic art festivals throughout the United States, and globally in over twenty cities and fifteen countries. artist website


Thais Nepomuceno

(Berlin, Germany)

Share your prejudice

(duration 10 min)

Watch on 23rd October at 7:00 pm – CANCELED

DESCRIPTION: Through this work I believe we can open the dialogue about personal prejudice that everybody carries. Talking about it, it is also a way to understand and deal with our own monsters. Everybody carries prejudice inside, but is up to us to accept and work on it, in a way that doesn\’t spread or affects other people. When we acknowledge in what we have prejudice, we are also working to be better person. How I will do it? Asking for people write me emails with their prejudice. My email will be receiving histories and ideas. With no judgement I will record the reading of my e-mail box, and send to everybody. So people can reflect in the impact of their words and thoughts. To participate: E-mail:

BIO: Bachelor in Cultural Production (UFF – Brazil), graduate Actress in CAL (Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and master in Audiovisual Formats and Contents. During her had worked with importants names in brazilian theater as: Tonico Pereira, Thierry Tremouroux and Celina Sodré. In 2012, collaborated with Tales Frey (Cia Excessos) in the art work Dismorfofobia, performed in Porto – Portugal. For the last years, have been studying arts, analyzing audiovisual movements and translating articles. Also, worked in audiovisual, as actress and producer. In 2013, had produced the videopoem sequences CoisaBreve (BriefThing) and collaborating in independent short movies.


Sinisa Rudan, CoLaboArthon by Sinisha+Sasha+Oleg+et_al

(Belgrade, Serbia)

FuturEYEze – ColLaboArtive Drama

(duration 15 min)

Watch on 23rd October at 8:00 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: This work is going to be performed as a SLAM-JAZZ-JAM-SESSION from Saint Petersburg, Russia (from a home studio) (in a form of a jazz jam session + slam poetry) It envisions future of education in a pretty astonishing and a new way! FuturEYEz content is created through a process of CoLaboArthon and free styling. It has happened through a collective process of ideas generation, thoughts, verses, while Final text is written by Sinisha Rudan, Sasha Rudan, Oleg Muromtsev et al. CoLaboArthon is a new model of a short, but highly energized process of collaborative brainstorming between (engaged) art and science, often addressing complex and wicked problems. Its collective space is trans-technically augmented with CoLaboFramework system and serves as a place for finding highly-creative and emotionally-energized solutions and ideas through the process of utilizing collective creativity and wisdom. Created solutions are consequently orchestrated in a crowdsourced, multidisciplinary, interactive and playful performance, aiming to communicate, change behaviors and inspire further research and artistic creation. In this way CoLaboArthon aims to close the broken loop between Society, Art and Science and gives a voice to community. CoLaboArthon is designed by ChaOS, highly influenced by Knowledge Federation principles, and professional collaborators and community through an open design approach.

BIO: This piece is result of a collective work and will be performed collectively. For now we are providing short bio of an applicant: Sinisa Rudan (stage name “Sini Sha!”) By profession he is an IT MSc, he works in field of Tech StartUps, as well as a project manager of Art + Science + Creativity + Collective Projects/Workshops. In 1997 he wins 2nd place at State competition. Through several competitions, his short stories and poetry are awarded and published. He won/shared 2nd(3rd) place at National Competition for the Best Serbian Slam Poet (Novi Sad, 2014). He won bronze at Slam Poetry Festival “Culture protesting” (Belgrade, 2013). He performed across Serbia, Croatia, in New York, in \”Nuyorican Poets Café\”, an international symbol of Slam poetry scene, in Vienna (Austria), Athens (Greece), Budapest (Hungary), Oslo (Norway), Zurich (Switzerland), Malta, and Cyprus. He performs in English, Serbian and German languages. artist website


Maya Dance Theatre


Resist, Resurge :Traces of Hope

(duration 55 minutes)

Watch on 23nd October at 10:00 pm UTC (rescheduled from yesterday)

DESCRIPTION: RESIST, RESURGE: Traces of Hope was a physical and emotional contemporary dance theatre piece, which investigates the passion and frustration behind stereotyping bodies and gender. Choreographed and co-directed by Maya Dance Theatre’s artistic director, Kavitha Krishnan, and Lester Horton award- winning choreographer, Olivier Tarpaga (USA/ Burkina Faso). Olivier and Kavitha began the process of the work with MDT dancers last December for 03 weeks with the intent of utilizing dance as a medium to question, share, resist, defend and debate on popular stereotypes; and one stereotype which both felt deeply about was the empowerment of women. Forged from an eclectic body of expressions, Olivier and Kavitha go beyond forms to connect in this vibrant and meaningful creation that expounds stereotyping bodies, culture, and gender. ‘” Many times it seems as though the artist will certainly have a say to every single drop of energy on stage; but sometime dance must just be danced; sometimes dance is theatre too. I don’t always breath when I speak but I can dance when I breathe and breath my movements in space.” says the choreographer, Olivier Tarpaga. “I do like to speak when I dance, I dance so I am. I dance my words and speak with my body because once you have tested the sweetness of peace; it is almost impossible to return to war.” adds Olivier Tarpaga. MDT collaborated with Olivier Tarpaga to also address the value of dance in making new connections and friendships through this dance theatre production. We hope to also bring this works to US and to other international stages in the future.

BIO: Founded in 2007 by dance artists, Kavitha Krishnan and Juraimy Abu Bakar and Company Manager, Imran Manaff, Maya Dance Theatre is a non-profit dance company, which has carved out a niche for itself in the Singapore dance scene. Maya Dance Theatre conceives a brand of movement that preserves the ethos of Asian Dance while seamlessly melding it with a contemporary aesthetic – an aesthetic that is grounded in the visceral nature of the human spirit. Definitive and growing, Maya Dance Theatre embarks on bold explorations and collaborations with partners whose artistry and practice enable us to push our boundaries beyond form to a unique artistic narrative. Apart from producing and presenting productions, Maya Dance Theatre also works with several community initiatives and community partners. ‘’With essence of tradition, emotion and exploration as the main tenets of the company; the journey has just begun…Maya Dance Theatre has built a distinctive identity over the years with its cross-cultural collaborations and integration of Asian traditional dance forms with contemporary dance’’. – The Flying Inkpot, Singapore Maya Dance Theatre continues to work across boundaries. We evolve through cross-trainings rooted in Asian and contemporary Dance practice. artist website


Joan Raspo

(Santa Cruz CA, USA)

Birth of Stars

(duration 58:42 min)

Watch on 24th October at 00:00 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: A highly collaborative and wildly interdisciplinary theater production conceived and executed by a team of scholars and artists—directed by Joan Raspo Incorporating live performance and astonishing digital projections, Birth of Stars tells a moving story about a brilliant young girl whose genius is a terrible burden; only one great scientist understands her, and he has demons of his own. Weaving real data produced by University of California, Santa Cruz scientists into the performance, the piece draws a powerful and illuminating parallel between the births, lives, and deaths of stars and we who gaze up at them. Birth of Stars is an original performance event created by the Performative Technologies Research Group of the Digital Arts and New Media Program at UC Santa Cruz, and is a collaboration by faculty, graduate and undergraduate students from Theater Arts, DANM, and Astronomy and Astrophysics, all working together to create an unforgettable cosmic journey that will expand the mind and touch the heart.

BIO: Joan Raspo is an artist and theater director living in Santa Cruz, California. In her art practice, Joan experiments with unexpected processes. She sees art as entertainment—an opportunity to build drama and tension that invites interaction with her audience. Joan directed an original play, \”Birth of Stars.\” This experimental performance weaves in leading-edge astrophysics through the story of a young prodigy who seeks to become one with the Universe. It is a performance that is full of beauty, awe, terror and the innate human potential to change. Her work is inspired by cross-disciplinary practices. She seeks topics requiring deep scientific knowledge. Her intention is to give her audience a door through which science can be expressed artistically. artist website


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