Beth Greenhalgh (Cardiff, United Kingdom): Thin Place

  • watch: 30th June2020 at 2:30pm UTC
  • duration: 111 min *POSTPONED

My Artistic practice revolves around the creation of set-in-scene moments
and particular events. I frequently develop dream scenes, scenes taken from fiction and popular culture into performance tableaus, which I document through drawing, painting, writing, photography and film. My performances take the form of spontaneous rituals.I enjoy playfulness and things not always being what they seem. Sculptures and props work in line with body to build installation for me to work against. They are frequently
site-responsive. I routinely try to recall memories or situations and use
these reflections as the base of my creative work. I have an interest in
synchronicity. My practice is also expressed through daily rituals and
challenges I put upon myself. In documenting conscious, subconscious and
unconscious thoughts; how life is art and art is life. It explores the
imagination and the fragments of memory the mind holds on to.

There is an interest in the uncanny, the surreal and the peculiar. Nothing
is ever definite but everything here happens with reason. Material has been
collected, foraged and transformed. A scene unfolds and inhabits body and

Thin Place is a work made during lockdown. I have created a version of a
monument I was due to perform at through June called, Pentre Ifan.

The work explores, intimacy, ritual, sound and texture.


Born in Huddersfield, Beth Greenhalgh studied Time Based Practice at
Cardiff School of Art and Design. After graduating in 2006 she has
continued to exhibit and organise Art and Art events nationally and
internationally. Her work has featured as part of Experimentica Cardiff,
NRLA Glasgow, National Eisteddfod Wales, Croatia: My Land Staglinec,
Holland: The Hague, Drag, Berlin: Black and blue and Estonia: Tallin Tartu Pernu, Diverse Universe festival and residency.

She has worked for art organisations such as Trace, Protoplay and is the
director of tactileBOSCH an arts organisation and gallery in Cardiff.

Her work utilizes highly aesthetic scenes to evoke uncanny ritual and
images alluding to a mythical reality based on a distorted “popular