Boht (Tehran, Iran): Human

  • 29 Mar 2021 12pm UTC
  • dur 15min

Every building or building is in fact a character or a human being. The human body has different dimensions of appearance, interior, and behavior. It has intelligence and energy retrieval. One day he feels good and stable, and the next day he becomes depressed and sad. If something happens inside or outside, he shows a unique reaction. The permanent residence or time (for livelihood or for the production of artefacts) causes and causes the formation and creation of an artefacts appropriate to the space and its climate (either by An artist or Chndhnrmnd) that simply must be presented to the audience in the same building or building.

Cast boht:

Directing group:
Mohammad Reza Gharibzadeh
Mojgan maghooli

Dancer and painter:
Amenah Namazi

Benjamin ghahreman

Davood Nejad Ali
Benjamin ghahreman
Nahid Farrokh Bal
Nasraran eskandarpour

Poster Designer and Visual Techniques: Pedram Shiva

executor of plan:
Leily kalaie

BIO: Boht is International arts group.