Cabra Macho (London, UK): Cabra Macho

  • 18 Jun 2021 7pm UTC
  • dur 5min

Cabra-Macho is a collaborative body performance act between Fung Neo & Mutanta, embodying relations to vegetative life forms; cannibal rape performed with poisonous spike of carnivorous plant at Amazon heart of darkness ~ Neo Fung embodies Cabra-Macho, Cabrón: the archetype of Brazil’s semi-arid region. He wears bestial hooves & leather pieces referencing designs of Brazilian farmers. Mutanta becomes a tropical plant from Amazon jungle. She is tangled with ropes initially immobilizing her body into a form of vegetative life. She has huge antlers coming from in-between her legs. Her hands are free to weave patterns onto the antlers & rope-tentacle extensions. All the props and outfits for the show were created by Mutanta as part of her research and collaborative project over the past year with local communities of Artisans in northern Brasil.

BIO: Mutanta is is a designer, activist, artist and entrepreneur fighting for social welfare and sustainability causes in the fashion and textile industry. She is the creator of VEREDAS a start-up textile supplier and sustainability + design consultancy due to launch in 2021 between Brazil & London. Neo Fung is a philosopher of biotech, body performer & video artist working between HongKong & London for the past decade. Since 2015 he has been curating Chronic Illness performance art events at his squatted The Dungeons of Polymorphous Pan, at the same time researching Fungi Media for the University of London. costumes by north Brazilian artisans & Mutanta sound by xname & camera by Mis Saigo savage dildo by Fung Neo ARTIST’S WEBSITE