Concha Vidal (Palma de Mallorca, Spain): HEXE

  • 21 Dec 2020 5pm UTC
  • dur 60min

HEXE is irreverent, punk, heavy metal. The poetry of the space, aesthetics of the installation, dynamics of the “happening” and video art interweave to create an environment that stimulates the senses and awakens and provokes even the passive onlooker. HEXE is not a confession, but a way to let our entrails speak, a chance to re- write biographies from the place of complete freedom. The work reclaims the pain of countless scorned and scorched female voices. It breathes life into tor- tured bodies the fires extinguished centuries ago, returning color to the pallor of their ashen cheeks…their truths long ago demolished by a rigid, patriarchal society. 

BIO: Graduated in Psychology and with a PhD in Visual Arts by Universidad Central de Barcelona. For 12 years Concha Vidal developed a broad career as a painter. There came a time when the canvas became “too small “for her and she decided to shift into videoart and performance. In general, her performances are interdisciplinary in which video art, dance, theater and performance converge. Pieces in which the audience is part of It. Poetic acts that challenge viewers. Performance as a ritual. Poetic actions in which the soul is inevitably transformed. Concha has been performing in Festivals all around the world, Nyc, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain, Edimburg, Argentina, Bolivia…