Daniel Pinheiro (Porto, Portugal): MEASURABILITY

  • watch: 30th March 2020 at 4pm UTC
  • duration: 16 min

Performed in front of a computer screen it aims at using a the body and a measure tool create a movement within the screen. The implications of such movement allow for a displacement that is a perceptional folding of the screen onto the physical space, juxtaposing the ‘psychological squeeze’ with the ‘physical assault on the mechanism’ to comment on both from within. Considered a ‘virtual window’ that expresses the way we interact and perform ourselves in contemporary society the screen becomes the intermediary of a situation between the self and its extension within the digital sphere.

BIO: Born in Venezuela and based in Porto, Portugal with a background in Theatre, has been exploring, among others, the concept of Telematic Art, using video as a tool and the internet as a platform, merging both languages into a single object of expression. In this field he aims at reflecting on the impact of technology of everyday life and the environment of the Internet as a reflection of a world where the abstract nature of this transmedia movement changes the notions of space, presence, privacy and identity. ARTIST’S WEBSITE