Daniil Dvinskikh (Moscow, Russia): Birth of a language of Everybility

  • watch: 25th October 2020 at 3am UTC
  • duration: 13min

The rite “Birth of a language of Everybility” is a multimedia performance that, through a choreographed ritual, declares the birth of a new language, and therefore the emergence of a new way of understanding the world. On the nine banners hung around the hall, you can see parts of the main manifestos of the language of Everybility that were applied to them during the performance – “I”, “Love”, “Yes”, “No”, “Space”, “Life”, “Art”, “Death” and “Everybility”. The Central object of the performance is an installation in the form of a rocket, which embodies the main image of the new language – “All possible”. During the ceremony, performers carry gifts that symbolize different parts of the nascent language to the rocket, write manifestos on the banner, while singing them (the real phonetics for the language was developed by Arina Andreeva), and in the final “launch” the rocket into outer space. The main goal of this project is to create my own language for my personal mythology, which I have been working on for several years. This myth is ungainly and sometimes falls apart, but this is me, and this is my life. By creating my own language, I symbolically withdraw from direct participation in the existing discourses of contemporary art and construct my own universe that exists in parallel with all the problems of our time, affecting them only peripherally. I firmly believe that being an artist means creating your own religion, your own Autonomous world. My author\’s method in art is to create my own symbolic system that helps describe my vision of reality much better than any existing language. In this sense, my language is one of the measures to combat the chaos of my artistic system, its temporary ordering.

BIO: My art is one total performance of studying the universe through my personality. In the process of studying, we build our own symbolic system of images of the unconscious. I often resort to cosmic images, existing or created by me, to avoid terms from the world of contemporary art. Constantly considering the world and people from the position of the unearthly, I create my own mythology of space art, in which I come up with the rules. ARTIST’S WEBSITE