Darcy Copeland (Seattle, USA): c a s c a d e s

  • 19 Jun 2021 7pm UTC
  • dur 15min

Philosopher and ecologist Timothy Morton refers to climate change as a hyperobject, “a conceptual fact so large and complex that, like the internet, it can never be properly comprehended. Much of the complexity surrounding the idea of climate change is due to the incomprehensibility of the extent of an intricate and seemingly infinitely connected web of biofeedback loops, such as the albedo effect, which are accelerating the already staggering rate of climate devastation. c a s c a d e s is informed by these feedback loops and attempts to bring the intimately impactful, yet seemingly distant, effects of these feedback loops to the forefront of our perception. throughout the piece, electronics distort the listeners perception of cause and effect, what is real and what is artificial, what is impacting and what is being impacted. 

BIO: Darcy Copeland (b. 1996) is a composer, media artist, and movement practitioner based in Seattle, WA. Described as “rare and pure”, “marvelous”, and “especially effective” (Cacophony), her compositional work is motivated by a desire to question & explore the human experience through tactile & embodied experimentation. Having been drawn to both the aural & embodied effects of sonic exploration from a young age through vocal experimentation, her approach to composition today continues to be influenced by a primal curiosity of the physical world & what it means to be human within it. In addition to composition, Darcy is also a yoga teacher, cellist, vocalist, electronic musician, & researcher, exploring topics related to music & spiritualism, movement practices, and sonic activism. She recently graduated with a Master of Music in composition from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, and holds a Bachelor of Music in composition from Columbia College Chicago. ARTIST’S WEBSITE