Denisa Štefanigová (Tallinn, Estonia): Making love with painting

  • 27 Mar 2021 7pm UTC
  • dur 45min

“Making love with painting\” is self explanatory.

BIO: Denisa Štefanigová (b. 1995) is a painting master student from the University of Technology, Faculty of Fine Arts (FaVU) in Brno Czechia from which she graduated with a Bachelor\’s degree in 2019. She is currently a student at the Estonian Academy of Arts in the Contemporary Art Master program. Denisa has also studied in Facultad de Bellas Artes in Bilbao in 2017, and has been on artistic residency in Stuttgart in GEDOK Gallery on 2018. In her paintings Štefanigová deals with the themes of love, relationships and intimacy. She asks whether in the future we will still follow a monogamous approach to relationships and perceive infidelity as something unacceptable. Through artistic practice, Štefanigová creates potential scenarios and visions, encourages the deconstruction of monogamy, the celebration of desire and free love for one another. Denisa experiments with different mediums and approaches: painting, textiles, participatory art, puppets and video. She has exhibited in Estonia, Spain, Germany and Czech Republic. ARTIST’S WEBSITE