Diana Schuemann & Time Denote, Vannelia Modan (Haifa, Israel): Yellow WaVes – a short film by TiME DeNOTE and Diana Schuemann

  • 28 Jul 2022 7 pm UTC
  • dur 2 min

Yellow WaVes – a short film by TiME DeNOTE
Sound by TiME DeNOTE
Director: Vannelia Modan
Sound/Music/Editors: Vannelia Modan & Michael Pravolubov
Choreography & Concept: Diana Schuemann
Duration: 1:31


This collaboration work of TiME DeNOTE Vannelia Modan & Michael Pravolubov and dancer Diana Schuemann is exploring heritage/identity in a fusion of dance/movement, sound/music and film. 

Diana Schuemann (German-Yugoslavian) is a dancer, choreographer and historian of Holocaust Studies with a focus on visual art and dance. Diana works at an intersection of contemporary dance and human rights studies, seeking to bring human rights and social issues to the stage. In the past seven years she lived in Israel, where she studied and worked as an independent dancer and dance coach.
Diana published her research on dance and the Holocaust in 2018. In 2021 Diana relocated to Berlin. From Sept-Oct. 2021 Diana participated in ada Studios pioneer dance residency program wihich led her to begin a work with the title C.U.L.T.U.R.E  C.L.A.S.H  
In 2022 she received funding via DIS-TANZEN SOLO (Neustart Kultur, Dachverband Tanz) to develop further this dance solo piece. Scenes of the piece will be presented at the art space Festival Bremerhaven in August 2022.
Since 2019 her collaboration mixed media piece Inside OUT with artist Jessica Moritz (Tel Aviv) has been shown and featured at several international festivals and is part of the permanent exhibition/archive of MACA Alicante. ARTIST’S WEBSITE