Dr. Sergio Patricio (Vienna, Austria): Rorschach

  • 11 Nov 2022 7 pm UTC
  • dur 3 min

“Rorschach” Ana Barros (Germany/Chile) and Sergio Patricio (Austria/Chile) “Rorschach \’\’ is the name for the art collaboration and artistic research between the movement-based artist Ana Barros and time- based media artist Sergio Patricio. The working progress and connection between both artists start from Rorschach’s test and the interpretation of patterns by Gestalt\’s perception theory. Moreover, the individual background and practices merge into one applied research that results into “the affective we” described by Joel Krueger as “we don’t just feel for others. We feel with them”. This is in relation to the collective body and togetherness awareness ideas. As outcomes from the work in progress, Barros and Patricio will share a live performance around 20-25 min length of explorative clashes between bodies and materials that result into merged choreographies belong to the objects’s prototypes. Concept: Ana Barros and Sergio Patricio Plaster objects, Ropes, acrylic and fabric. Video and photography: Ana Barros and Sergio Patricio Performance: Ana Barros and Sergio Patricio Sound landscape and edition: Sergio Patricio. Production: Ana Barros. Berlin 2022

Dr. Phil. Sergio Patricio, MA. Time-based media artist, art researcher and stage designer. He graduated from the Die Angewandte – University from the Master in Arts; Art and Science and finished in Feb. 2021 his Doctor of Philosophy; art research and cultural studies. His exhibitions include: Studio Alta, Prague (2022); Athens digital Arts Festival, Athens (2022); Czech platform festival/Playboyz week – Savarin, Prague (2022); Artivism Movemento Brotfabrik – Kunsthaus, Vienna (2022); Anima Mundi Palazzo Bembo and Albrizzi-Capello, Venice (2022); Sirainer showroom, Milan (2021); Misericordia Archives, Venice (2021), Dramaqueer festival, Bratislava (2021); Pinkbus Festival, Prague (2021). It\’s all about education, Studio Alta, Prague, (2021) Angewandte festival, Vienna (2020); Bodily practices, Studio Alta (2020), Microgravity, ERG gallery, Brussels (2019); Reclaim festival, Vienna (2019) Espacio O- Gallery, Santiago de Chile (2019); Le Parc, Montreal (2018), The Room & Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice (2017); Inexxo festival; Morelia, Mexico (2017); MUMOK VIenna (2015); Kunsthalle Wien (2015); Parallel Vienna (2015); Vienna Artweek (2014); KunstHistorisches Museum Vienna (2014); GAM, Santiago de Chile (2014); MAC , Santiago de Chile (2011); M100, Santiago de Chile (2007), PQ’03, Prague (2003); MAC, Santiago de Chile (2002). ARTIST’S WEBSITE