Dragan Strunjas (New York, NY, USA): Up the City New York

  • May 2023 pm UTC
  • dur 40 min

Performance researches effect of solitude in the modern world where everything and everyone is seemingly available. In this world the artist feels isolated and sees the city as nature. Up the City examines relations between a single person, individual and society, individual and the city, nature and urban landscape. Can the city be our faithful companion? Walking my common daily route, I am looking at buildings, buildings are looking at me, they are living a life while life is happening all around. Performance was first time performed in Belgrade in 2016 on the first OPAF.

​Dragan Strunjaš is architect from Belgrade living in New York. He focuses on contemporary issues of cities and society, their mutual interaction and visually researches different possibilities of architecture, its presentation and effects to people. Belgrade has always been his true inspiration, together with Berlin and New York. For his works he also finds inspiration in the surroundings of different cities and spaces. ​He is a PhD candidate at TU Berlin. ARTIST’S WEBSITE