Elena Akaeva (London, UK): Clay

  • 7 May 2023 2 pm UTC
  • dur 4 min

Performance research the mechanism of psychological projection and projective interjection.

Other people are constantly molding our image, and the image in their heads is often has nothing to do with us. 

They constantly giving us new forms and meanings, driving us into a certain pattern and subsequently changing us into this alien form. Then image of us is created and is projected into the social information field and in society we become this person gathered by other people. And even beginning to perceive ourselves as such. 

Often strangers endow us with so many meanings and their projections are so strong that it is impossible for us to move and return back to ourselves.

Instruction: the artist stands in an arbitrary position, smeared with a thin layer of clay. Audience, following the instruction, begin to cover artist’s body with clay (trying to form something), then they begin to arbitrarily change the shape of the sculpture, fashion various figures to modify a person. In the end clay dries.

Elena Akaeva is a performance artist and a photographer. She was born in Moscow, Russia and left it 9 years ago to live in Venice, Italy and then London, Uk. After number of anti-war statements and charity projects she’s unable to return to Russia. In her works she explores topics of displacement, home, unstable situation of a migrant woman.