Eugenia Grammenou (Athens, Greece): Inner Topography

  • 30 Jul 2022 12 pm UTC
  • dur 5 min

Eugenia Grammenou’s video performance entitled Inner Topography, is based on the idea of internal and external “inclusions” and how they “write” in memory as wounds, as ruins of a past or a scary now. These “marks”, the hidden “spots”, return and are inscribed on the body of the artist, with phrases, words, abstract gestures. Suffering body, stigmatized body, body as a field of memory. Fragments of memories / fragments of pain in any form. The performer uses her body as a narrative field with body notes being recorded in unexpected places. Memory is fragmentary in nature, imprinted with words, fragments of words and finally abstract color gestures on the “paper / body”. How all these will be in 30 years ? What word or vowel will be remain?

Eugenia Grammenou is a interdisciplinary artist from Greece working on various media ranging from drawing, installation, video art, performance and writing. She received a degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts AUTh in Thessaloniki . She completed the Masters Degree Course at the Cultural Organizations Management MSc , specializing in the social role of the museum. She is Phd candidate at The School of Drama Faculty of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2019). Her work has been presented in solo and many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Issues such as human nature and inner contradictions, depictions of human condition, identity, time, personal and collective memory concern her and she explores them through drawing, video, installations, performance and writing. ARTIST’S WEBSITE