Feixue Mei (Maryville, USA): Plastic existence

  • 26 Mar 2021 9am UTC
  • dur 5min

In this project, I seek to explore various art forms to address the plasticity of fan-art itself and the plastic desire of fan art artists. Characters provide a way to communicate and express oneself, characters provide a layer of protection. Fan-art can thus be used to empathetically express deeply personal, intimate, and even transgressive emotions in networks of mutual exposure and vulnerability. Fan-art is a process of transforming an object or character into an object of desire. Through fan-art, an artist is able to transgress, play or pursue pleasure without restraint. In this performance, I act as a fan-art artist and viewers act as fans. In this performance, I act as a fan-art artist and viewers act as fans.

BIO: Feixue Mei is an interdisciplinary artist and an Assistant Professor at Northwest Missouri State University. She is fascinated by mass media and internet culture. Her work explores diverse media such as publications, videos, performances, illustrations, comics, and installations, and examines how they may be used to address such contexts as globalization, cultural manipulation, language adaptation, intimate relation, as well as fluid identity. Her creative practice and research have been recognized by PCA/ ACA Conferences, Printed Matter Art Book Fairs, Singapore Art Book Fair, Art and Education, International Design Award (IDA), Graphis, and Creative Quarterly. She earned an MFA in Design with a concentration in visual communications from Virginia Commonwealth University, a BFA in Graphic Design from Colorado State University, and a BFA in Visual Communications from Central China Normal University. ARTIST’S WEBSITE